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jessica p

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Book

Marie Antoinette Serial Killer
I think the climax of the story would be when Colette showed up at the party at Versailles. I think this is the climax because this is the place where Colette meets the ghost and actually speaks to her. This is also the part when the action begins and than the resolution.
Fiction. Non-fiction, Action, History, Supernatural, Romance
The main conflict in the story is when Colette goes to Versailles and meets Marie Antoinette, while trying to save Pilar. Marie Antoinette wants to kill Colette since she is the decedent of her best friend Veronique Iselin. Marie has already killed five of the six decedents so she is going to make Colette's the worst death. Marie throws chairs, vases and uses all her power to choke Colette.
The conflict was solved when Colette was apologizing to Marie Antoinette through the voice of Veronique Iselin. After Colette apologizes Marie also apologizes than she dissapears.
The antagonist of the story would be Marie Antoinette. She is a ghost and is the serial killer that is killing people in Paris. Marie wants revenge on the people that betrayed her so she kills the decedents of them. She wants to make Colette's death the worst since she is the decedent of her best friend Veronique Iselin.
Marie Antoinette Serial killer
is a book about not letting the past affect your future and always being the person you are. I know this because Marie Antoinette wanted revenge on the people that betrayed her but since they're already dead, she takes her revenge on the decedents. Colette was trying to be like Hannah and Pilar so she wasn't being herself.
The setting of the story takes place in different places in Paris. Places like Versailles, where Colette meets the ghost or the catacombs, Grand Trianon and Musee d'orsay
By: Katie Alender
Prezi by: Jessica 805
The protagonist of the story is Colette Iselin. Colette is a junior in high school and the main character in the story. The story explains the history of her family and she is the person that fights with the antagonist..
Alender, Katie. Marie Antoinette Serial Killer. New York, Scholastic Inc, 2013
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