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Reality Fair

Reality fair for school.

Elizabeth Paz

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Reality Fair

Cluster 1 Science, tech, and engineering Cluster 2 Manufacturing Marketing, sales Cluster 3 Reality Fair Mechanical Engineer I like to Inventing, and thats what A mechanical
engineer does, so it wAS interesting TO ME Outlook is very good! Starting salary average: 60,000 dollars Education training Arrow This is a secret message! Why I decided on this job: A bachelor's degree in engineering is
required for every entry Level job
in engineering. YOu should also have degrees in mathematics and physical and life sciences. Some times design courses, or computer
or labratory courses are necessary Mechanical Engineers responsibilities are to invent/create newer objects that aid society. For example the washing machine would be an example of something a mechanical engineer would invent wHY? bECAUSE THERE WILL ALWAYS
BE A NEED FOR INVENTERS. Working Environment:
Mechanical engineers work in groups
often split into design and building. They usually have a deadline of sorts to finish the product they are designing/creating. Woah there ninja! Related Careers THere are multiple types of engineering. Such as: Biomedical engineering Or ELectrical engineers Careerpath.com Sites used: payscale.com
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