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Ethics & Ethical Reasoning-CH1

No description

Sam Buemi

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Ethics & Ethical Reasoning-CH1

Ethics & Ethical Theory
Ethics & Religion
What is Ethics?
From the branch of Moral Philosophy
Critical Evaluation
Multiple Perspectives
Diverse Communities
Many get Morals from Religion
Difficult to Judge Actions
We don't always agree
Can we answer these questions?

What about certain subjects?
Epistemology-philosophy of knowledge
Philosophy endeavor is to gain logical ideas to be interpreted
Ethical & Moral Philosophy
(Normative ethics)
basic questions about good,
right, wrong, better worse
Analyzing meaning of language
Provides arguments; leads to right decisions
(not right conclusions)
A Good Argument is a sound argumnet
Provides Reasons for
Judging Actions or for right/wrong
Provides motivation & inspiraton
Divine Command Theory - will of God
Plato's "Euthyprho"
1. Critically Evaluate our views
2. Religious and Non can calculate each other's views
3. Evaluate Reason Based Views
Ethical Evaluation
Evaluative Statements
Factual Matters relevant to situation are needed
Descriptive vs Evaluative judgement of Import
Normative Ethics - how one ought to act

Descriptive - "what is appropriate form of action?"
Ethics & Reasons
Arguments must be backed by.......
Essential for the Moral Enterprise
Not always rational.
Cannot simply say "X is wrong" must be backed up
Ethical Reasoning & Argument
Vital to Reason Well
What Constitutes a good argument?
Reasons supporting conclusions called "premises"
Great Detail is Necessary
Evaluating & Making Good Arguments
- Done well or poorly
- Is Sound or unsound
- Is Not Fallacious or Uncertain
What does lying mean?
Ad Hominem Fallcy
Looking at source; not the reasoning
Deontological - obligatory
Ethical Theory
Systematic Exposition about the basis of what is good or right
Can Ethics be Taught?
Teleological-of consequence
Intuitionsim/Emotivism -based of feeling, non-rational
instead of looking at conceptual matters-those that relate to concept.
What does Ethics mean to you
So when is it acceptable?
Why Ethics?
Does Morality Have Independence?
What Does this Mean to Atheists?
How Is Ethics Useful?
Does the conclusion follow the premise?
Complex Chain of Reasoning
Must be Logical Connection To the Bigger Picture
For example, Is this Good
"Means Justify the Ends"
Focuses on consequence
Justify The Ends
Focuses on "intention"
Nature of Goodness
Metaethics - meaning of ethical language.
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