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Brady Hebert

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Constitution

America's founding father author of the declaration of Independence and also the third president of the United States
By:Brady Hebert and Brennan Lambert
The Great Compromise
Virginia State Plan
Benjamin Franklin
George Washingtonian
he was the oldest delegate
he was famous as a diplomat, writer, inventor, and scientists
Virginia plan is a bicameral legislative
The states would be represented based on their population
The larger states favored this because they would have more votes
delegates unanimously elected him as head of the convention
he said that in the convention could not be held unless their is 7 states there
he was the first president of the U.S.
King George
King George acted unfairly against the colonies
He taxed unfairly and made people go across the pond seek punishment
For these reasons and more the people of the colonies decided to rebel and depart for Britain
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Madison came up with the idea of the checks and balances
He was also the fourth president of the United States
One slave counted as 3/5 of a person
So every 5 slaves counted as 3 people
This enabled slaves to be some part of the population of the state
Alexander Hamilton
One of the founding fathers of America
He influenced many ideas that were written in the constitution
There were many conflicts caused by the Articles of Confederation
Currency issues were caused by the articles of Confederation
Each state was allowed to have there own currency causing problems with trade
A weak military was caused by the articles of confederation
Each state had there own military. Because of this the unites states was very vulnerable to major countries
John Adams
Shays Rebellion
Rebellion where the farmers rebelled because of the governments was taxing them like crazy and taking their land
The Constitution Convention was put together because of the Shays Rebellion

Federalist vs Anti-Federalist
Those who supported the constitution
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay defended the Constitution.
those who opposed the constitution
they felt it gave to much power to the national government
They felt that the Constitution failed to protect their individual liberties
that is why they would not ratify the Constitution without a Bill of Rights
New Jersey Plan
The New Jersey plan is a unicameral legislative
Each state would get one vote
The smaller states were in favor of this plan because it kept all of the states equal
Three-Fifths Compromise
This compromise that Congress would have two houses
House of Representative- based on Population
Senate- 2 representatives from each state
Trade Compromises
The Northern states wanted congress to regulate trade between the states and U. S. and other countries
The Southern states thought Congress would use this power to tax exported goods
John Jay
he was one of the Founding Fathers of the Constitution
he was the first vice president of the U.S.
he was the second president of the U.S.

Under the articles of Confederation it was very difficult to get a law passed
You needed 9 out of the 13 states to agree with the law to pass it
he attended the constitutional convention
he was also a Federalist, one who favors the Constitution
Under the Articles of confederation the U.S lacked a National court system
Also under the Articles of Confederation there was no supreme leader or a president
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