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Jordi Martinez

on 3 January 2013

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POLLUTION EFFECTS ON HEALTH Air pollution has negative influence on human health. The decrease in the density of the protective ozone layer causes burns on the areas that are more exposed to the sun rays. The harmful gases are moved by the wind from industrial areas and big cities to places far away. So all the living beings are affected. The most common disorders are: Thank you for your attention! respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis ...) heart problems, itchy eyes digestive disorders Allergies And even skin cancer or infectious diseases. Ozone data visualized on Google Earth The smokestack effect & American Schools. The atmosphere and us. Task: Read again this presentation and write down in your notebook the following questions and answers.

1) How do you explain that pollution produced in Germany could reach Manchester?

2) Visit: [ http://www.teenissues.co.uk/AirPollution.html ] and look for the 10 pollution effects on health.

3) In the same website you must find 9 possible actions we can do to combat pollution.
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