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Julianna Peters

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of #HighFashion

Women's Fashion
Loose fitting
Skirts just above or below knees
High-waist belt
Drop-waist dresses
leg warmers
bright colors
fingerless gloves
hammer pants
big hair
feathered hair
crop tops
hippie look
one-piece swimsuits
Men's Fashion

Current Fashion
Christian Dior's "New Look" influenced fashion staples after WWII- peplum skirts, broad shoulders, patterns, accessories
Men's suits became more fitted with the "Bold Look"- emphasized shoulders, broad lapels, coordinated accessories
Women's Fashion
Popular styles often allude to other time periods
Hairstyles especially
Spinoff of styles from the 1940s
Skinny or Trim fit suits
Deconstructed blazers with jeans for a casual look
Shoes include chukkas, work boots, and leather loafers or dress shoes
Aviator sunglasses
Chambray shirts in blue and grey
Men's fashion
included suits,
but also turned
to casual "Ivy
Infinity scarves
Layered, long, and softly curled waves or straight hair, as well as the "Taylor Swift Curl" are popular hairstyles
Spring Trends 2014
Neon tribal prints
Side slit pencil skirts
Crop tops with high waisted bottoms
Wide leg trousers
Skinny jeans
Maxi dresses
Large statement jewelry, especially in gold tones this year
The Greaser style
also became popular
Women's Fashion:
Rebellion against strict Victorian style
Flapper girls
Glitz and glam; feathers and ruffles
Youthful style
Shorter skirts and dresses
Men's Fashion:
Brighter royal and pastel tones
3 piece suits
Sweater vests
Patterned ties
In the 80's you could get away with wearing baggy hammer pants one day and skin tight jeans the next.
Men's Fashion
Bowling Shoes
Neutral shades
Double-breasted trench and pea-coats

The 90's consisted of bright colors, bomber
jackets, overalls, and a variety of abstract print.
Their fashion was very similar to the 80's
New York Fashion Week

disco style
tube tops
slit skirts
platform shoes
Women wore short skirts
and brightly colored boots.
Also, they wore suits with
short boxy jackets and over-
sized buttons. Capri trousers
were popular. Stiletto-heels
were, as well.
Men dressed like Pete Townshend
of the rock band, the Who. Men
started to wear their hair longer and
wore brighter colors. They wore
wide belts and velvet pants.
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