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ICS volunteer media training

No description

Lucy Ing

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of ICS volunteer media training

International Citizen Service (ICS) Talk to us! What's the point? Raise awareness of development issues
Engage future ICS volunteers to contribute to fight against poverty
Support your fundraising
Campaign for policy change
Learn a new skill Why are you doing it?
Who are you hoping will read/see/hear it?
What are you hoping they will do as a result of reading it?
Are you saying something new?
Have you read/listened to/watched the media you want to engage?
Does your story fit?
Are there any risks?
What are your expectations? Before you get started ask yourself... Email: icsmedia@vso.org.uk

@ICS_UK #ICS4change

facebook.com/ics Talking about ICS 3 interdependent objectives...

Project impact
Personal development
Active citizenship Photography and videos Managing risk Avoid sweeping statements - e.g. hygiene, religion or sensitive local issues. Do your research!

Representing people fairly

Pick your words sensitively (people/victims, basic/dirty)

Aim for a balance of topics - work, team, people, culture and development Blogs - the essentials Photography and videos Consider all audiences - intended and potential
Keep it fresh and cut the waffle
Balance your content - variety is best
Teamwork - include your in country counterpart
Cite your sources and credit them
Ask for comments and develop a thick skin
Differentiate between opinion and fact Consider all potential audiences - balance the content Co-operating, working together, people being supported to do things, people being independent and leading lives of dignity Know what it shows - captions/notes Include a range of people, voices, opinions Get consent Managing risk Think bigger picture - country's own work to tackle poverty as well as ICS

Differences between 'us and them' can be interesting but avoid reinforcing stereotypes

Include more than just your interpretation of a situation - beneficiaries, partner organisations, team leader, counterpart

Remember the volunteers that come after you How to work with the media How? Traditional media - newspapers, radio, television, magazines, community publications Talk to us - press release templates, interview briefing, media contacts Digital/multimedia - blogs, video, photographs, audio Blogs - the essentials More than one way to blog - tumblr, photos, quotes, Q&As, interviews, audio clips - get creative!
Looks count - headlines, sub-headings, make it digestible
Offer anonymity to interviewees if appropriate
Can you include a relevant call to action?
Share it to increase traffic
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