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Kimmi Tran

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Auschwitz

Located in Oswiecim,Poland Used to be a small town in Poland until invaded by the Nazi on 1939 Auschwitz Auschwitz is divided into three sections. Auschwitz I- Was the original camp, used for slave labor. Auschwitz II- Also used for slave labor. Auschwitz III- Used to exterminate Jews, gas chambers were used to kill them. Prisoners tatooed with numbers were spared and used for slave labor. Some Jews were used for experimentation... Prisoners that are spared worked to death digging up grass fields. By Rice _________ and Kimberly Nguyen Exoeriments were done without any anesthetics. They burned the dead bodies after they were killed. Birkenau- Originally for horses, but used for prisoners to sleep in. This location was chosen because of easy acess. The poisonous gas that killed many prisoners in the gas chambers was called Zyklon B. Nazi's extracted gold rings and golden teeths from dead bodies... 1,000 people sleep in these bunks together.
Auschwitz is like the Japanese Interment camps. America was mad at the Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor. Because some of the bodies didn't burn they had to bury them all or they would leave them lying there. Because of this discrimination the Japanese were left in concentration camps. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's economic problems. Auschwitz caused many people to realized that racism and discrimination is a horrible thing. By: Kimberly N. and Rhys M.
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