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Wrist Sprains

No description

Pooja Dahiya

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Wrist Sprains

Geirthana Sivagnanalingam, Pooja Dahiya http://www.fpnotebook.com/_media/WristCarpalBones.gif http://www.fpnotebook.com/_media/orthoArmWristJointGrayBB334.gif http://barry.haines.net/templates.html Grade 1
Just stretching
2-3 weeks
Grade 2
Slight tearing 4-6 weeks
Grade 3
Completely torn
Recovery time differs
2-4 months http://www.physioadvisor.com.au/8122850/wrist-strengthening-exercises-wrist-rehabilitati.htm Hold a tennis ball in the hand
Squeeze the tennis ball as hard as possible
Hold position for 10 seconds
Repeat http://strengthandmight.com/rice-and-roll-technique-for-knee-pain/ Rest
Elevation mcdermotchurch.blogspot.ca/2010/11/life-lessons-are-hard.html http://www.hughston.com/hha/a_15_4_3.htm Rollerblading/ Ice-Skating
American Football
Gymnastics http://itap-tthv.org/moseley_2012/ Left untreated
Loss of strength & movement
After treatment
Can develop osteoarthritis, stiffness, etc.
Experience pain
Should go to physician
X-rays http://www.pamsclipart.com/cgisys/suspendedpage.cgi http://www.sportsmd.com/articles/id/34.aspx Stretch or tear in a ligament
Stressed beyond its limits
Most strains accidents
Catch yourself when falling http://quest.eb.com/images/161_2358092 Hold dumbbell in an underhand grip
Rest your forehand along the top of your thigh
Use your wrist to raise the dumbbell slowly
Lower the dumbbell to the starting position http://castleuniforms.com/content_pages/med_content.htm Short Term (for mild sprains)
Possible Medication
Medium Term
No surgery
Physical therapy
Long Term
Immobilize in a cast
After physical therapy required http://www.ehs.utoronto.ca/services/Ergonomics/exercise.htm http://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/library/sports_health/wrist_sprain_exercises/
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