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Gothic By Joan Aiken

No description

kayla b

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Gothic By Joan Aiken

Gothic By Joan Aiken
The story Lungewater takes place in of course Lungewater,England. In this story there is a brutalized servant and a lord who is obsessed with a beautiful young woman and writing her dark poems.
Morgan Romans Brother
This story takes place in a barn.It's about a girl who worked on a haunted hayride and it starts to rain so they all go into a barn to get out of the rain. When they get in the barn everyone goes missing except for Ashley.
Have no Fear Crumpot is Hear
Stone Tower
Stone tower takes place in a stone tower. This story tells about a girl who doesn't remember anything and soon finds out the worst thing possible.
The Prank
The Prank is about a girl who was arrested for hitting a girl with a lead pipe. And her punishment is staying with her Great Aunt. Soon to find that her Aunt is really a killer.
Watch an Wake
This story takes place in a small village in the middle of nowhere but this isn't just any ordinary village this village that has a dark secret of witches that eat faces off of corpes.
The story Have no Fear Crumpot is Hear is about a boy named Walter who goes to his fathers best friends house when he gets there he meets his fathers best friends kid who is also named Walter. But soon finds out that this isn't just any kid hes messing with.
About the Author
Joan Aiken was born on Sept.4,1924 in Sussex,England.And died on Jan.4,2004 at the age of 79. She has written more than 100 books and was recipient of the Edgar Allan Poe Award and the Guardian Award. Here are the names of some of her most famous books Dangerous Game, The Kingdom and the cave, Cold Shoulder Road, and tales of Arable's Raven.
I think if you like scary stories, this is the book for you. This book has ten scary stories with brutal endings, some of the stories are suspensful, some are gory. Most of all, they are fun to read! I rate this book 5 stars because it was well written and used really good descriptions.
Lexile: 850
Reading Counts Points: 12.0
Author of book: Joan Aiken
Author of Report: Kayla Bliven
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