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LA Diets

No description

paula alcayde

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of LA Diets

LA Shape
A whole wheat lender's bagel with fat-free cream cheese and twelve small strawberries
Week Diet plan
Mid-morning snack:
A La little bar and a small tangerine.
Spinach soup, four fat free saltines, 2 ounces of light swiss cheese and one teaspoon of mustard.
Afternoon snack:
Another La little bar and 3/4-alb of fresh pineapple.
Six-ounces of grilled chicken, a 1/2-cup of steamed broccoli and half a small baked potato with one teaspoon of butter
Nuts/seed. shake/smoothies, brownies (in controlled portions)
Its goal is "weight loss."
You will be purchasing snacks, for instance L.A weight loss program snack bars and L.A little snacks. Since this fad diet is a book you will be purchasing a book about $32.95 in book stores like Indigo Books
La snack bars.
You can eat anything but they have limits.
Meat (Lean meats.)
Pasta (In moderation.)
Milk and yoghurt
(Low fat, no sugar added.)
This L.A Shape book originated in L.A and was published in 2004.
Dr. David Heber.
(Author of L.A Shape Diet.)

The L.A shape diet is similar to the Canada Food Guide.
Yes I would recommend this to someone I love that's interested into diets because it's similar to the Canada Food Guide and the Canada Food Guide is made to improve the health of Canadians. So that makes the L.A diet healthy.
Week Diet plan:
Canada Food Guide:
Vegetables and fruits:7
Grain Products:4
Milk and alternatives: 3
Meat and alternatives: 2
Vegetables and fruits: 7-8
Grain products: 6-7
Milk and alternatives: 2
Meat and alternatives: 2
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