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Science Project Teeth Stains

No description

Rachel Thomas

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Science Project Teeth Stains

INTRODUCTION Teeth are structures in your mouth that help you break down food consumption in your mouth. The color of teeth are usually white or off white depending on the healthiness of the enamel inside them. The only way the would turn yellowish or even brownish is if the breakdown of the food you eat is left inside there just to rot or because of a certain substance you eat or you drink something that stains. Results After 7 days of observing I found out that coffee was the fastest and the most to stain the egg. Secondly comes the tea then the soda then finally the grape juice. by: Rachel Thomas Teeth Stains Background Pepsi: Highly in sugar, ingredients include carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine, critric acid, and natural flavor (soda)

Grape Juice: Type of fruit juice, ingredients include filtered water, grape juice concentrate, grape juice, calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, asorbic acid (vitamin C)(Welch's)

Coffee (Folger's): Hot or cold beverage, ingredients include coffee beans (grounded)

Tea (Lipton): Can be served hot or cold, used tea bags

Procedure 1. Measure out each liquid with liquid measuring cup to 1 cup (1 cup = 250 mL)

2. Fill each container with each of the different liquid substances.

3. Put one hollow egg in each container.

4. Everyday take out of each egg and record the discoloration.

5.Record and compare the effects of the 4 substances. HYPOTHESIS Due to the coffee being the darkest color substance i would assume that the coffee would stain the most and fastest. Question: Which substance stains teeth the fastest and the most out of Pepsi, Grape Juice, Tea, or Coffee? Materials: 4 raw eggs (hollowed out)
250 mL Welch's Grape Juice
250 mL Folger's Coffee (made through coffee maker)
250 mL Lipton's Lemon Tea ( made)
250 mL Pepsi
4 Large Plastic Containers Conclusion Darker drinks seem to have a dramatic affect on teeth than other drinks but the most being coffee is based on what's it made out of. Coffee is made out of coffee beans which stains your tongue sometimes when you put one in your mouth so it already has a staining affect before it even becomes a drink. Beside the other drinks, coffee is also the only drink made out of one product which means there were no added ingredients to make coffee not stain.
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