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Copy of Copy of Copy of Smith Family Tree

No description

Kelsey Klein

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Smith Family Tree

Smith Family Tree: Judy James Sue Mike Carter John Juanita Sean Meg Aaron Gina Samantha Tyler 42 41 Slightly overweight
Walks 2 miles everyday
Has a career as a Dental Hygienist
At risk for developing breast cancer Judy Smith Laura Bill Diagnosed with Breast cancer in her 40s Diagnosed with breast cancer in his 40s Jennifer Diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 Osteosarcoma Bacterial meningitis Medical History Medical Interventions Antibiotics for bacterial meningitis Medical History Deaf Medical Interventions Uses no assistive hearing technology Age: 8 months old Medical History Medical Interventions Congenital deafness Cochlear Implant?? Medical Interventions Lots of infant vaccinations Medical Interventions Genetic testing to see if he is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis (he is not a carrier) Medical Interventions Genetic testing to see if she is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis (she is not a carrier) Medical Interventions While pregnant, Judy had routine ultrasounds and amniocentesis. Medical History Medical Interventions X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, and bone scans used to diagnose Mike's osteosarcoma.
Biopsy of bone tumor
Amputation and prosthetic arm
Physical rehabilitation with P.T. and O.T. Age: 16 years old Joe Smoker for the past 30 years
Family is worried that he will get lung cancer Pneumonia Medical History Medical Interventions Other information DNA microarray Other information Chris 5 months old Cystic Fibrosis Jack Maria Precancerous cells in cervix
HPV infection Medical History Medical Interventions Cryosurgery
Has routine PAP tests Healthy Diana Diana Jones Age: Relation: 44 Sister of Judy Smith Medical History: Medical Interventions: Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus at 24 (during her pregnancy with oldest daughter)
Diagnosed with high blood pressure at 34 Emily Sarah Jordan Emily Jones Age: Relation: 20 Niece Sarah Jones Age: Relation: 17 Niece Jordan Jones Age: Relation: 14 Nephew Other Information: Junior at the local community college Other Information: Junior in highschool
Starting point guard on school's varsity basketball team Other Information: Highschool freshman
Plays percussion in the school's marching band Other information: Chemical engineer at the local pharmaceutical company
Generally enjoys her job
Sole provider and caretaker for the family
Didn't take very good care of herself and was overweight
Now has diabetes and blood pressure under control Bob Bob Jones Relation: Brother-in-law Medical History: Died of a heart attack Insulin pump
Strict diet
Exercises regularly and lost 25 pounds Bill Medical History: Relation: Grandfather of Judy Smith Laura Relation: Medical History: Mother of Judy Smith Joe Relation: Father of Judy Smith Age: Age: James Smith Jack Relation: Brother of Judy Smith Maria Relation: Niece Jennifer Relation: Sister of Judy Smith Medical History: Sue Smith Relation: Daughter Relation: Son Mike Smith Carter Smith Age: Infant Relation: Son John Smith Relation: Brother of James Smith Juanita Smith Relation: Sister-in-law Samantha Smith Relation: Niece Sean Smith Relation: Brother of James Smith Meg Smith Relation: Sister-in-law Tyler Smith Relation: Nephew Aaron Smith Relation: Brother of James Smith Gina Smith Relation: Sister-in-law David Jackie Chris David Relation: Brother of Gina Smith Jackie Relation: Sister-in-law of Gina Smith Age: Relation: Nephew of Gina Smith Medical History:
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