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Bullying PowerPoint

School Assignment

Rachel Cassy

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Bullying PowerPoint

Canada http://bullyingcanada.ca/content/243026
-Kids Now Canada
-Bullying. No Way! http://bullyingnoway.gov.au/
-Schools Antibullying Web Gateway http://www.schoolsantibullying.com/
-Stomp Out Bullying http://www.stompoutbullying.org/
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Bullying is a form of abuse that hurts a victim and can happen in different forms at different ages.
What Is Bullying?
You could tell if someone is a bully by their personality traits. Bullies have greater than average aggressive behavior patterns, the need to be in control, they have no feelings for others and they don’t care about how other people feel.
How Can You Tell If Someone Is A Bully?
People bully because they are jealous of others, or they think that bullying will make themselves popular, or they bully because of their personal lives. Bullies pick on people who are different than them, like if they are bigger, skinnier, wear glasses, their religion (;etc).
Why Do People Bully?
They want to be popular, and they think bullying is cool and will make them popular. Sometimes the bully does not have a loving or caring family to help the bully, so he/she gets out of control because he does not have a caring family to help him/her.
People Bully Because...
Physical bullying involves harmful actions against someone’s body, or interference with someone else’s personal property.
Cyber bullying is the type of bullying that came with technology. It includes being bullied in chat rooms, online, messaging on a mobile phone or even emails. It is done by a bully sending a victim pictures or information that will hurt the victims feelings or scare the victim.
Cyber Bullying
Verbal includes name calling, making offensive remarks or ‘joking’ about someone’s religion, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or by the way they look. 46.5% of bullying is when a bully is verbally insulting or teasing someone.
Verbal Bullying
Physical Bullying
Here a girl is being cyber bullied, by a bully messaging her something that hurt her.
A boy is being physically bullied by a older boy grabbing and hurting the young boy.
In this photo, a group of kids are verbal bullying a girl by laughing at her, and pointing.
Facts About Bullying
-(67%) 2 out of 3 teens are harassed physically every year
-24% of bullying is physical bullying or personal belongings being destroyed.
-Over 71% of parents reported their child being physically bullied, 32% required medical attention, and 3% involved weapons!
-Surveys show that 77% of students are bullied verbally.
-Over half of today's teens have been bullied online.
-33% experienced cyber threats online.
-52% of teens didn't tell their parents or a trusted when cyber bullying occured.
Texting someone is a way of cyber bullying.
Physical Bullying
Verbal Bullying
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