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The Five Steps of Selling

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Gary McNeilly

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of The Five Steps of Selling

The 5 Steps of Selling
Establish Needs
Ask Questions

Listen carefully to answers

Repeat back to the customer to check you have all requirements correct
Sell The Benefits
Present your product(s)
Use features and benefits
Link benefits to customer needs
Overcome Objections
"That's really more than I can afford..."

"It's too expensive..."

"Have you got anything cheaper?..."
Acknowledge and Approach
Eye Contact
Attentive Posture
"Open" body language
Open Questions – Use to open a dialogue

Closed Questions – Use to ask the customer for a decision – Yes or No

Probing Questions - Use to ask customer for more information – Open/Closed

Features and Benefits

eature =

Benefit = "What that means is..."

Use the "So What?" test
So What do you do?...
explain that you can show them another product but it won't have...a,b and c(re-state the benefits and align to the customer's needs) - they may change their mind!
even if the customer selects the "value" item (never "cheap"!), you have explained the very good reasons your first product choice is more expensive - they may buy it next time!
Close the Sale
1. Acknowledge and Approach
2. Establish Needs
3. Sell The Benefits
4. Overcome Objections
5. Close the Sale
Some Questions...
Which step do you first need to use your product knowledge?

How can you keep your product knowledge up to date?

What is a "buying signal"?
Select 2 premium products from the salesfloor

Describe the products main features and benefits
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