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callum wright

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of iScouse

Brand The App Social Media 'ey y'alright? iScouse
Have iScouse on your phone,
take the mick out of each other and try a new accent! Football Everton
Football Club Sponsered by Chang beer

Based in liverpool

Thousands of young male
supporters who are potential
iScouse users! Get interactive Playback Screen Delete Previous recordings Back to previous
menu Twitter Through twitter we can reach out to the young audience, by sharing humorous scouse sayings, to get people retweeting and spreading the word of iScouse! Scouse Frape! Tag us,
Then we'll tag you.

With a photo that has had a bit of our mustache magic added to it!! iScouse event Whats 'appen'n
laa? Opening Screen Opening Screen Dey do
dat doh,
dont dey
doh?! Accompanying sound Our icon/mascot Handwritten
iScouse title Brand colours
and red Scouseboard Pre recorded
scouse phrases "Do ye nah whuz ay tinnie gerra perm?" "'ey lah y'alright
'ow ya doin?" "That's sound that mate!" Beer mat Recording Screen Plus to make stronger Press the iScouse icon to start and stop recording Beer Mat QR code that will
take you to the
download page for
our app. Icon, adds to the curiosity. And establishes our branding style The tag line, and lack of information adds to the intrigue, attracting a curious kind of consumer, and a curious consumer is one that will download our iScouse app! Sponser Using beer mats in pubs and bars enables us to target our audience of young men aged from 18-30. minus to make
the accent weaker "alright,
calm down,
calm down!" Beer Drinking
+Football Loving
=iScouse User Chang Beer Why?

Because they want to establish there name in the uk beer market, and could use our help as much as we could use thiers.

They are the sponsers of Everton football club based in liverpool, which marries our beer drinking, football loving, target audience perfectly! advertising
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