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Space | Exploration!

Hi! This is my project about Space Exploration! Hope you enjoyed it! :D

Kent Dang

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Space | Exploration!

By: Kent Dang! 6-4 :) Pros And Cons about
Space Exploration!! Pros! Persuasive Writing about Pros. The 3 pros of space exploration is..

- Protecting and Understanding the World. NASA's Earth Science Division helps us understand the world.
- Eliminate Earth Over Population. Over the next six decades the world's population is expected to explode, 6.9 billion to peak at 9.5 billion in 2075, the report says. Also, 7.5 BILLION people rises up every year.
- Discover Facts about Space but not yet undiscovered. Cons! The 3 cons about space exploration is...

- Money spent on the research. There are way too much money spent on the research about space exploration.
- Exploration can be very risky of danger or loss.
-The more money is put into the space station, the less the children’s education and medical research is available. (Money is wasted on space exploration.) For the pros of space exploration it is really important to understand and Protecting the World even by when you are recycling and by making the world healthy. (By not littering) NASA's Earth Science Division helps us understand and protect the world. Space Exploration has the potential of discovering the yet undiscovered facts about space. The populations of this world is about really big and about 6.9 million people and 7.5 people grow each year. Persuasive Writing about Cons! For the cons exploration, there is ALOT of money spent in space exploration program, which is causing the less money for the children's education and medical researches. (Money is wasted) Exploration can be very risky in space and when you are about to go to space (launching) the space shuttle may explode or can exploded in space. This can make you die or any other serious injuries. Also, when you are about to launch to space, a lot of pollution can come from the space shuttle and may be not healthy nearby. *THANK YOU* Thank you for listening to my slide show about Space | Exploration!! I hope you enjoyed it! :D
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