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Merry Christmas

lawrences christmas card 2013

Kevin Lawrence

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
from the Lawrences

Now for an update from us to you!
Tricia & Kevin
In his final year of high school
Just finished his college applications in Computer Science – who knows where he’ll be next year
Passionate about drumming for his high school marching band
Finds time to play soccer for his local Sunnyvale team

In her final year at Long Beach State majoring in Communications Studies
Still loving her waitressing work at California Pizza Kitchen
Enjoying her life in Southern California in her “Sunshine House”
Keeping fit at the gym and surfing when she has time

• In her second year at UC San Francisco as an assistant in Cancer Research
• Looking to start a PhD next September, who knows where she’ll be
• Enjoying the city life of San Francisco
• Following her usual pursuits – surfing, rock climbing and biking

Tricia and Kevin are finding it hard to believe that the last of the offspring is getting ready to leave. The nest will be empty with all the kids gone. There won't be anyone to play a sweet song. Tricia is at Adobe working hard every day her talent was noticed and a promotion gave way. She tried her hand (and foot too) at biking with her new shoes. She winds up the hills without singing the blues. Kevin is still at Oracle what can I say he'd rather be biking, snowboarding or at play. We wish you the best for this holiday season and please do stop by even without good reason. All the best for the New Year let's all bring it in with lots of good cheer.
25 Year Celebration
Thanks for Watching!
James (Jamie) 18 yrs
Jessica 23 yrs
Jo-Marie 21 yrs
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