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Artificial Intelligence

No description

Leiya Ngo

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, decision-making, and translation between languages.

In other words, the concept that machines can be improved to attain human-like abilities, such as learning, adapting, self-correction, etc. It could also mean the extension of human intelligence through the use of computers. AI is more software-based than the actual structure of the machine, which means it is like the brain of a robot. It is transferring the brain signals that of any human’s, into a machine, to make it sense, think and act on

What is Artificial Intelligence?
Some examples of real-world systems based on AI are:
Systems that trade stocks and commodities without human intervention
Banking software for approving bank loans and detecting credit card fraud

Real AI Today
Currently, the US military uses AI in many forms of their attack and defense systems. One of which is the weapon known to most as a ‘drone’. According to an interview published in Bit-Tech with Eric Taipale of Lock Heed-Martin, by Mackay, M. (April 2009), stated the AI in the drone model Desert Hawk, “is used for route planning, deciding an efficient minimum path distance to visit a number of objective points, which minimizes the time between visits to an area under observation.”
AI in the Military
Intelligent agents
-- Experimental AI software designed to sift through masses of information made available on the evolving Information Superhighway of cyberspace to suggest topics of interest or importance for an individual

What is a

A superhighway is a vast electronic network such as the Internet, used for the rapid transfer of information; for instance, sound, video, and graphics.
Recent Trends in AI
Artificial Intelligence
By Henry & Leiya
Future Application in AI
Scientists are moving towards the unexplored domain by incorporating emotions in machines. The bio mimetic centre of RIKEN (
) is working on the world’s first soft human interactive robot RIMAN, which will revolutionize the nature of human care

Desert Hawk drone
Artificial life
-- A field of AI research that studies the adaptive control systems of insects and reproduces them in robotic insectoids. More recently researchers have been working on robots with the intelligence of a two-year-old child
SPring-8 synchrotron radiation facility at RIKEN Harima campus
The military infantryman has come up with an idea for a full body robot suit, made in popular movies, whether old or new. The suit would give the wearer increased strength, speed, damage tolerance, and the ultimate tool: killing capacity for the battle field. A cybernetics company called Cyberdyne have invented the world’s first fully operated robotic assistive suit, which is proof of this coming idea
Chat Bots
Many machines have displayed an almost human-like ability to hold a conversation. Bots in chat rooms are a great example of such programs. In more recent times, SIRI (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface), Apple's digital assistant on the iPhone, has managed to keep users amused and informed with the help of a large natural language database — like the one used by Watson — and some super algorithms. In fact, there's the Loebner Prize, introduced in 1990 by US inventor Hugh Loebner, for programmers whose chat bots pass the Turing Test. But why take our word for it, try chatting up with a few at www.mitsuku.com, www. cleverbot.com, alice.pandorabots.com, www.existor.com and www.personalityforge.com
The Driver-less Car
AI is making its presence felt in automotive engineering. Companies like Google and TerraMax are clear frontrunners. Google's project, which began in 2006, includes a test fleet of vehicles equipped with a system of sensors that makes them virtually crash proof, and have been programmed to drive at the speed limit that's stored on its digital maps. Till date, the Google team has completed over half-a-million kilometres of accident-free, autonomous driving.
The technology takes the form of a modular kit that can be integrated into any vehicle. It is capable of autonomous navigation, and uses radar and laser beams to measure the vehicle's distance from other objects. Together, these sensors create a map of the vehicle's surroundings, allowing it to navigate almost autonomously. Interestingly, as of August 2013, three US states — Nevada, Florida and California — have already passed laws permitting autonomous cars on their roads.
More AI Systems Used Today
Siri, Google Now, Aisha, and other AI assistants all have been results of AI, which help users in their day-to-day life task
Face recognition, voice recognition and character recognition uses AI techniques which in many scenarios involves the use of Neural Network (a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system)
AI is the core a prediction system and the daily weather broadcast uses a lot of, as well as neural networks to predict weather conditions based on data received from satellites
Information Retrieval, Text Summarization and even Translation all have been made possible because of the advancement in AI Techniques
Expert Systems, used in disease symptom analysis, is a sub field of AI
Today's games make use of AI for decision making and simulation of humanly behavior
Natural Language Processing is a growing field and has many applications including search engines like Google that are taking advantage of NLP
In Summation
Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems able to perform human-like tasks
Examples of real AI today are Google, banking software, chat bots, SIRI, etc.
Recent trends in AI are Intelligent Agents, artificial life (robotic insectoids), the drone model Desert Hawk, and many more
Future applications include the world’s first soft human interactive robot RIMAN, a full body robot suit used for the military, and the driver-less car
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