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Grace Lowe

on 9 November 2012

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By: Mrs. Weygandt's
Extensions Class RON CLARK'S ABC's of
ETIQUETTE A B C E D Whenever you sit down for a meal always unwrap your silverware and place it on your plate, then place your napkin in your lap. When your finished eating, loosely place your napkin to the left of your plate. Do not crumple it or it will show your untidy . Don't place it to neatly or it will show you think they'll use it again. Never place the napkin in your chair it shows that you either think the napkin is to dirty or your never returning to the restaurant again. This picture below is the incorrect way. Never place your elbows on the table like the people in the picture below. Only use one hand to eat unless your cutting or buttering food. Never have your fork in one hand and a glass in the other. Never lick your fingers. A napkin is provided to
clean your fingers. It is impolite to lick your self clean. This person should not be licking their
fingers. Do not smack your lips or chew loudly. F G Do not eat with your mouth open. H Don't speak with your mouth full. I If something is hung in your teeth don't pick it out wait till after the meal to pick it out. J Do not slurp at all. K Do not play with your food. L If you drop your fork, napkin, or anything else on the floor, do not pick it up. Use your utensils for eating almost everything. N Don't reach over someone's plate. o Never start eating off of your tray until you are at your seat. P Do not begin eating until everyone else has been served. Q If you are waiting in a long line, do not complain. You will get your food when it is your turn. R If you're not sure which utensil to use, start with the one farthest from your plate. If it is above your plate, you will use those utensils for desert. S When you are finished eating, don't push your plate away. Just leave it there. When you are finished, place your fork and knife diagonally across your plate. Of the two, the fork should be closest to you. T Never place a utensil you have eaten with on the table. Always put it on a plate or saucer. U You don't need to slurp or chew with your mouth open. V X Y Z W When ordering, always look your server in the eyes when asking a question, ordering, or saying thank-you. Make a point to remember the server's name throughout the coarse of the meal.
When you ask him/her for something remember to use their name. When going to the restroom, say "excuse me" when leaving the table. When your server asks you something, ask for your options so you aren't going through items the restaurant doesn't have. "I will have the strawberry cheesecake please." "Sorry sir, we don't have that in stock..." Treat servers with respect.
DON'T TREAT THEM LIKE SERVANTS! M Never put elbows on table
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