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Stolen by Lucy Christopher

No description

Rose Giandana

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Dehydration is the loss of water essential for normal body function. It occurs when more water and fluids are exiting the body than entering the body. The causes of dehydration include not enough water, too much water loss, or a combination of both.

Symptoms of severe dehydration include:
extreme thirst
very dry mouth
lack of sweating
shriveled and dry skin
rapid heartbeat/rapid breathing
low blood pressure
These symptoms occur because when your body doesnt have enough water to replace whats lost throughout the day, your system and cells literally dry up and are unable to preform their functions. The hot, humid weather of the Outback caused Gemma to excessively sweat and this made her lose most of the water in her body, making her severely dehydrated.

the environment affects people in many ways and can have an influence on one's physical and mental health
the harsh environment of the Outback had a huge impact on Gemma's physical health, as it caused her to undergo a heat stroke, a venomous snakebite, and severe dehydration.
Book Review
The Science
In the novel, the environment has a huge impact on Gemma's physical health. She suffers from three main things while in the treacherous Outback:
Heat Stroke
Snake bite
Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Heat Stroke
Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia, or the overheating of the body. It is caused by continued exposure to high temperatures, which leads to the failure of the body's temperature control system.
Some symptoms of heat stroke include:
throbbing headaches
dizziness/light headedness
rapid/shallow breathing
confusion, disorientation
Gemma suffers from all these symptoms and has a heat stroke when she tries to escape from Ty when she first arrives in the Outback.
I loved the book! It had a great mixture of genres; romance, action, suspense, thriller, and science fiction. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read an excellent story and learn about the beauty and dangers of the Outback.
Guess the Environment!
Stolen is about a 16-year old girl, Gemma who gets kidnapped by 24-year old, Ty. She is taken to the wild Australian Outback, where she is forced to face the harsh and dangerous landscape and learns that there is no escape. As Gemma has no choice but to spend more and more time with Ty, she eventually sees that he is not the stereotypical kidnapper, but rather a sensitive, and not to mention, gorgeous guy. Just as she begins to develop feelings for him and settle into her new life, she gets bitten by a snake. Ty is then forced to bring Gemma back to civilization for treatment and is arrested. Gemma then struggles to decide whether she really loves Ty or if shes suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, like her parents and doctors tell her. All she really knows is that she'll never forget him.
Snake Bite
While wondering the desert, looking for Ty, Gemma is bitten by a lethal snake called a death adder. The bite releases venom, a combination of protein molecules that change the way your cells behave, into Gemma's body. Venom contains different types of toxins that target different cells throughout the body. Death adder venom contains neurotoxins, which affect the cells in the brain and nervous system. When the venom travels through the bloodstream, it causes
paralysis (lack of muscle control)
difficulty breathing
difficulty hearing/seeing
The venom can also disrupt the signals sent between nerves and muscles. Gemma faces all these symptoms, caused by the neurotoxins in the snake venom.
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**Temperatures in the Outback can reach up to 120°F and this extreme heat caused Gemma to have a heat stroke.**
**The Outback has more species of venomous snakes than any other continent, 21 of the world's 25 deadliest.**
Lets see how well you all payed attention!

Take out your phones for a quick quiz!
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