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No description

m bammer

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Manatee

how many die in a year
371 deaths were researched in the year 2014.
there weight
when there born there average is 60-70 pounds and a full grown average is 800- 1,200 pounds
there diet
Manatee eat 10-15% of there body weight daily or 100-150 pounds of vegetation a day
there height
there 4-4.5 feet when there first born. There 10 feet when full grown
Thank you for listening
There population
In February 2015 studies show that there are
only 6,063 in the the state of Florida.
Manatee groups
Manatee are endangered animals that live mostly in Florida because they can't tolerate temperatures under 68 F.
Manatee population
manatee are most found on the coast of Florida.
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