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Jasmin Cabanas

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of dogs

This presentation will cover the topic of five popular canine breeds. The information about the five breeds chosen, will demonstrate the various differences canine’s present when compared to each other. This information proves that dogs, just like people, aren’t the same. They have different characteristics and provide different types of companionship as man’s best friend.

Border Collie - Jasmin Cabanas
Golden Retriever - Kathleen Harris
Jack Russel Terrier - Robyn Smart
Maltese Shitzu - Karen Robinson
American Staffy - Teka Walley
Golden Retriever
Jack Russell Terrier
Major Traits
Breed Type: Terrier
Country of Origin: England
Size: Small to Medium
Height: 25-38cm
Weight: 6-8 kgs
Life span: 12-15 years
(dogbreed info, 1998-2015)

Border Collies

The Border collie breed originated on the boarder of England and Scotland in the early 1900’s (Singer, 2011). They were originally known as the “working collie”.

Border collies have a moderately long coat that varies in colour.
The Border collie is a very obedient, loyal and loving breed; this makes them a great family pet. (Cumner, 1998).
Border collies require a lot of space to play and exercise (Sussam, 2011). Described as a medium sized dog an adult male can grow up to 22kg with a height of 48- 56cm. They have a lifespan up to 15 years (Singer, 2011).
The first recorded import of Border collies was in 1901. They first debut in 1933 at the Sydney Royal Show.
In 1953 a dog group was created to showcase the work of the Australian Kelpie and Border collie (Cumner, 1998).
As working dogs Border collies most commonly known to herd sheep and livestock in Australia (Singer, 2011).

History of the Breed
Major Traits
Living Conditions
Number of Golden Retrievers in Australia
Golden Retrievers in the Workplace
Golden Retriever's were developed in the 1800’s by Lord Tweedmouth.Tweedmouth created the breed by crossbreeding a wavy-coated retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel. Golden retriever's were officially established in the 19th century The breed was originally used for hunting companions, show dogs and beloved family pets. (N.Bauer, 2011)

Temperament: kind, loyal, outgoing
Average weight = 25 – 35kg
Plenty of exercise required, otherwise they will learn unwanted habits such as damaging items, from boredom
Healthy breed however prone to illness’ such as cancer or cardiac disease as they age
Life span = 10 to 12 years
(American Kennel Club, 2015)

Golden retriever's are best in open environments with plenty of room for exercise i.e. large backyards. They can live either inside or outside, provided they exercise and have opportunity to play. (American Kennel Club, 2015)
Golden retrievers are one of the top registered purebred dogs in Australia (RSPCA, 2015)
Golden retriever's are seen in the work place often as disability assistance canine's or guide dogs for the blind. (Assistance Dogs Australia, 2015)

History of the Breed
The Jack Russell Terrier was born to hunt foxes. The dog’s namesake, Reverend John Russell, is credited with establishing the breed in the late 1800’s in Devonshire, England. He was a passionate hunter and desired a dog that could excel at coaxing foxes out of their holes. He purchased several white fox hounds and thus was born his beloved, Trump, his original Jack Russell Terrier. (JRTCA, 2015)

The Jack Russell is a people lover who should live indoors with the family. It's best if he has access to a fenced yard where he can burn off some of his abundant energy, and don't count on an underground electronic fence to keep your Jack in the yard. The threat of a shock is nothing compared to the desire to chase what looks like prey. (JRTCA, 2015)
Maltese Shitzu
The Maltese Shitzu was developed in the 1990’s through the cross breeding of the Maltese and the Shitzu. The breed of Shitzu is originally native to Tibet. The Maltese Shitzu is one of the most popular breeds around Australia. (Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, 2014)
History of the Breed
• Height 20-30cms.
• Weight 3-6kgs
• Lifespan 12-14 years
(Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, 2014)
Major Traits
Don’t like the heat or the humidity. Maltese Shitzu’s are very easy to train. Very social dog loves visitors and going out (Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, 2014)
Living Conditions.
This breed is one of the most popular in Australia. These dogs shed less hair then their parent breeds. (Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, 2014)

Number of Maltese Shitzu's in Australia
Maltese Shitzu’s are little dog that prefer the home. These dogs are not working dogs.
(dogtime.com, 2015)
Maltese Shitzu in the Workplace
High Quality Justification
American Staffordshire
Weight 55-70 Ibs
Height 17-19 in (43-48 cm)
Coat Smooth (Dogz Online, 2015)
This breed needs vigorous daily workouts, as well as obedience training.(Dogbreed info centre, 1998-2015)
The American Staffordshire terrier was offically recognised in australia on the 1st january (Hill's Pet Nutrition, 2015)
The American Staffy can be seen as an Avalanche Dog, Police Tracking Dog, Police Dog, Customs Tracking Dog (Purina, Nestle, American Staffordshire, 2015 )

American Staffy is the 1st breed in the 19th century to be in Birmingham (dogbreedinfo centre, 1998-2015)
Using Metzger’s (Metzger, 2007) checklist considering Currency, Objectivity, Coverage, Accuracy, and Authority we believe that credible and reliable resources were used to support the research conducted on the topic ‘Dogs’.

The use of E-books sourced from the Swinburne Library provide the research with support and confirm the information that is found on various internet sites, Swinburne library is a trusted source with a good reputation. The information that has been gathered can also be verified by qualified members of the public (E.g. a local veterinarian). The websites visited had privacy policies and terms and conditions readily available to readers. Websites provided clear lists of their researchers, editors, and authors and their academic qualifications, the websites visited also provides contact information like addresses and phone numbers to contact the site administrators. Therefore by crosschecking Metzger’s Checklist (Metzger, 2007) with our research confirms that the web resources that was used to create this presentation were credible and reliable.
(freedoglistings.com 2015)
(puppy-home.com, 2014)
History of the Breed
History of the Breed
Major traits
Living conditions
Number of Border Collies in Australia
Border Collies in the Workplace
Living Conditions
Number of Jack Russell Terrier's in Australia
Jack Russell Terrier's
in the Workplace
(Copyright goodgallery.com, 2015)
Major Traits
Living Conditions
Number of American Staffy's in Australia
American Staffy in the Workplace
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(tenermascotas.com, 2015)
In 2014 The Jack Russell Terrier was ranked at #102 as Australia's popular breed
Jack Russell terriers participate in dog shows, obedience, agility, racing and earthdog.

(JRTCA, 2015).
In an attempt to highlight just a select few of the numerous breeds of dogs in Australia It can be shown there are hundreds of breeds of dogs to choose from, and while they share many common traits, they can be just as diverse as their human counterparts.

The domestic dog (canis lupus famiilairs) has long held a place alongside many families across Australia.
Long considered as man’s best friend, they are devoted, loyal, ready to be your workout partner at a moment’s notice, happy to curl up and watch TV and more than delighted to play at any time.
At your side as your protector, your working partner, as you both tackle dangerous conditions

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.(Unknown)

Somewhere out there, your next dog is waiting for you.
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