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Harley D.

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Soccer

-More than 3,000 years ago people from all over the world kicked a ball around.

Field Set-up!!!

There are 11 people on each team.

Basic Rules!!!
There are rules in soccer to help people stay safe and to make the game fair. Here are a few basic rules.
In 1863, England founded the Football Association, or the rules of soccer.
Soccer was first played in the US in 1827!
-When soccer started being played, it was a violent game. People would hurt their opponents really bad.

There is a

the only person allowed to use their hands. They protect the goal.
There are
4 defenders
who protect the goal.
There are
2 midfielders
who help the defense, but also help the offense.
There are
4 offenders
who try and score on the other team.
Off sides
You are off sides when you are closer to the other teams goal than either the ball or the second to last player on their team. The other team gets a free kick.
Free Kicks
Free kicks happen if the ref thinks you are trying to or are hurting an opponent. Free kicks also happen when you touch the ball with your hands, except if you’re the goalie.

Goal Kicks
When a team lets the ball go out of bounds on the end line on their opponents side of the field. Kick is in the goalie box.

Corner Kicks
When a team lets the ball go out on their end line. Kick on a corner.

Happens when the ball goes out on the sidelines.
My Sources
This video is about my favorite soccer player.

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