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The Asian Slice of Life: Music Makes The World Go Round.

What is your definition of music? What qualifies as music? Does it have to be human? Can a program be used to create music?

Andrew Cao

on 4 August 2012

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Transcript of The Asian Slice of Life: Music Makes The World Go Round.

The Asian Slice of Life Music Makes The World Go Round... What is Music? What is Your Definition? How does the United States view music? A series of repeatative beats, usually
played in a rhythmatic pattern. Music is the universal language.(Pitbull ft B.o.B) Who is this? Hatsune Miku First name Miku
Last Name Hatsune Presented By: ndrew Cao Hatsune Miku. A Japanese pop idol who is known throughout the world. She is the result of a computerized program. A Live Concert? Shes not really real though....
Or Is she? In this world everyone comes from different parts around of the world, where everyone has a unique idea of music. Who is Hatsune Miku? Perhaps what is she is a better question. Born August 31, 16 years of age. Weighing 93lbs and 5,2ft tall. Japan's Number One Virtual Diva Hatsune Miku Is a major impact on mainstream Japan today, she is promoting the entertainment industry, automotive and many more... WHAT'S PLAYING AROUND THE WORLD? Just a fictional Charater till the people gave her life meaning. -Yamaha Entertainment

-Crypton Future Media

-Sony, Japanese Division

-SEGA The Rise of a Legacy... Her fan's gave her the soul she has. The passion and love for music is from the people. Each fan has a story, why they love her, where that love started and how it grew. WHATS IN STORE THE THE FUTURE?!?!?! What is the requirement for it to be qualified as music? Does it have to be human? SNOW MIKU 2012 People from all over the world, supporters of Miku, come to Japan and sculp figurines. THE NEXT TIME YOU WILL SEE HER?!?!?! This was another part of The Asian Slice of Life... Miku Day Celebration!
March 8-9. Online Concert. The World Wide Idol... All over the world... - The Creater of the
Vocaloid Program The world is always changing, However, Hatsune Miku will always stand as the start of the legacy. Hopefully People all over the world will know of Hatsune Miku and the Vocoloids. This Event has already past. - Creaters of Hatsune Miku. -Published various Vocaloid Songs. - Creater and designer of Virtual Diva Game's. In today's world society, Hatsune Miku is not alone. Other Vocoloids, join her to create music. No Longer is it just Japanese, different Language's around the world have there impact on Miku.
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