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#TLT13 @TeacherTweaks 5 min plan

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Debbie Light

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of #TLT13 @TeacherTweaks 5 min plan

Outstanding planning for the busy teacher: our version of the 5 minute lesson plan!

How can I plan outstanding lessons when I teach a full timetable - it's impossible!!!
Planning outstanding lessons becomes easier if you have a template that you can use and tweak for different classes.

We all know about the original 5 minute lesson plan from @TeacherToolkit.

We've been developing our version to help staff plan lessons which are fantastic but don't take hours!
Stretch and challenge - how can we embed this into all of our planning?
We don't like differentiation that requires huge amounts of differentiated resources. It's just not sustainable... We like to differentiate by task using
. If they note down in the margin what level they choose, it's easy to keep check of how much they are challenging themselves.

- Verbs
- Resources used/amount of help
- In the style of....

The 'hook' - reel them in!
Monitoring progress throughout the lesson
We like to plan plenaries that delve deep into the learning to get an accurate picture of where students are. We have 'progress pitstops' where students have time to reflect on their progress against the learning outcomes.

This could be adding to the Question Wall, ABC peer critique, or a Round Robin to share new knowledge.

Choose a few pitstops to allow students to get used to the routine of reflection.

The 'takeaway'
Every lesson needs a 'takeaway'. What is the main thing that, when they leave your class, you need them to remember.

Everything you do in your lesson should be reinforcing this key point and making it stick. Don't lose sight of the learning by planning lots of whizzy activities that don't directly contribute to the learning outcomes.

The four pre-planning questions
Do you spend enough time on your 'hook'?

If you have four or five that you use time and again, students get used to the routine and get better at responding to the 'hook'; consequently, students are set up for the rest of the lesson and have had a positive start.

What would be your bank of 'hooks'?

Plan your groupings
Mixed ability: Best for sharing opinions or for practical tasks

Similar ability: Best when the task involves conceptual understanding (basically, everything else!)

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