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Foster - Theme and Issue

No description

Anam Ali

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Foster - Theme and Issue

Foster by Claire Keegan Theme and Issue. This refers to a subject/topic central to our chosen texts. The development of the selected theme( e.g. family relationships, abuse of power) must be explained as well as how each text is approached the theme Theme and Issue The girl and the her father, Dan. At the beginning of the book, the relationship between Edna and the girl is seemingly awkward. The atmosphere is full of tension but it gradually begins to feel at ease The Girl and Edna. Throughout the book John stands up for the girl. e.g. At the beginning of the book, John protects her from her father:
"She'll ate but you can work her" John and the girl The main theme in 'Foster' is Relationships Girl and her father, Dan. The girl and Edna The girl and John The Girl and her traditional family. Edna and John The girl's parents John and Edna John and Edna have a loving relationship in contrast to the girl's parents:
"I am glad for some reason,that they sleep together" The Girl and her traditional family. The girl is more attached to her mother. She helps her mother at the house and she also thinks about her when she is with Edna.
"Her hands are like my mother's hands, but there is something else in them too, something I have never felt before and have no name for." The girl second guesses Edna but still trusts her. She is not used to putting her trust in other people. The girl has a distant relationship with her father. Dan is very blunt towards her. Dan also slags the girl, treats her like an animal and that's why she feels like a burden.
"She'll ate you but you can work her" Edna is a motherly figure towards her:
"Her hands are like my mother's hand but there is something else in them too." The girl is always looking to please Edna. She is constantly trying to impress her. e.g. She eats dry wetabix. Edna knows what the girl feels and tries to console and protect her.
"God help you, child' if you were mine, I'd never leave you in the house with strangers." He is more of a fatherly figure to her than her actual father. The girl is apprehensive towards John, perhaps because she isn't used to have a good relationship with her father in the house:
"I realise my father has never once held my hand, and some part of me wants Kinsella to let me go so I won't have to feel this." John and Edna have a equal share in the house. Each member have a specific role to play in the household Edna and John create a family atmosphere and protected environment for the girl John is very caring of Edna. He is considered of his wife when he sees Edna dragging the mattress:
"But you shouldn't have dragged that down the stairs on your own" Dan leaves without a goodbye and without mentioning when he'll come back.
"Why did he leave without so much as a goodbye" Dan's character has a threatening presence at the end of the story.
"It is my father I see, coming along strong and steady, with walking stick in his hand." This suggests that he doesn't need the walking stick. It appears that he wants to beat her. She also has no close relationships with her siblings:
My sisters look at me as though I'm an English cousin, coming over to touch my dress, the buckles on my shoes." The girl is a very obedient girl. She is guarded over her mother.
"Mammy says I shouldn't take a present of a man" The Girl's Parents The girl's parents have a distant relationship. They do not sleep together.
Girl commenting on John and Edna, "I'm glad, for some reason, that they sleep together" Even though it is evident that the girl's mother is the worker of the house, her father still holds a dominant figure:
"Say what you like. Isn't it what you always do." There is always a sense of tension between her parents. While her mother runs the household, her father wastes their money drinking.
"I had a liquid supper" Overview Kinsellas have been a much better parental figure to the girl in comparison to her own parents. They have took care of her better than her traditional family. She has much better relationship with John then she has with her father.
"I hold on as though I'll drown if I let go." Edna and John's relationship is a loving relationship where as there is always tension between her parents.
"A strange thing happened to you tonight but Edna meant no harm." The End Presented by Casey and Anam
Presentation made by Anam and Alana
Information gathered by Aoife, Casey, Niamh, Alana, Linda, Hannah, Jackie, Anam and Caoimhe Thank You
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