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29.3 The Outer Planets

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of 29.3 The Outer Planets

5th planet, largest
mass is twice that of other 8 planets combined
orbit= 12 years, 1 rev. = 9 hr., 50 min.
17 moons, 4 rings
core has high temp and pressure (30,000 C), sea of liquid metallic H
atmosphere (-160 C to 20 C), colored bands from ammonia, methane, and water vapor
made of He an H
Great Red Giant
6th planet, second largest
avg. temp = -176 C
18 moons, many rings
orbit= 29.5 years, 1 rev. = 10 hr., 30 min.
rocky core, liquid H, made of H and He gas
least dense planet
7th planet, 3rd largest
hard to study
20 moons, 11 small rings
orbit = 84 years
rotates vertically every 17 hours
atmosphere- H, He, methane, temp of -214
H2O and methane beneath surface
rock/metal core, 7000 C
8th planet
orbit= 164 years, 1 rev.= 16 hours
8 moons, possibly 4 rings
1800s- John Couch Adams and Urbain Leverrier calcuated its existence, Johann Galle discovered it
atmosphere H, He & methane (some frozen)
strong winds (1000 km/h) & Great Dark Spot
avg surface temp. -225 C
avg. distance from sun= 4.5 bil. km
29.3 The Outer Planets
diameter of 2930 km
orbit= 250 years, 1 rev.= 6 days
discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh in AZ
avg. distance is 5.9 bil. km from sun but sometimes Neptune orbits past it
frozen methane, rock, ice (-236 C)
one moon--> Charon
once perhaps a moon of Neptune?
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