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Windows 98 in 1997

English Reading

Jang Min Choi

on 18 August 2012

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Transcript of Windows 98 in 1997

Part 1 Part 2 Choi Jang Min
Cho Byung Gyu Kim Jae Wan
Jeong Hye In 1963. 10. 7.
Seoul National Univ. Economics

Master & Doctor at Cambridge
Economics Professor at Cambridge Kicking away the Ladder(2004)

Bad Samaritians (2007)

23 Things they don't tell you about capitalisms(2010) Windows 98 in 1997
Is it wrong to 'borrow' ideas? #1. The fuel of interest
to the fire of genius #2. John Law & the first
technological arms race #3. The lawyers get involved #4. Making Mickey Mouse
live longer #5. Sealed crustless sandwiches and tumeric #6. The tyranny of interlocking patents #7. Harsh rules and developing countries #8. Getting the balance Right #. The Writer Against Neoliberalism Bad Samaritians
Powerful Nations Poor nations Globalization
Open Policy # Book Introduction Hong Kong , 1997 What the ...?
windows 98 in 1997 ?

?#?!@?@?#?! In fact
This was BETA Version
released at 31th July by Micro Soft IPRs Intellectual Property Right With TRIPs Agreement WTO Developing Countries Barriers to Technology Secretary general of
International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association 1. Money is not only motive
for new ideas and invetions Patents are only one means for promoting discovery and invention.

Scientific curiosity, coupled with the desire to benefit humanity, has been of far greater throughout history.

- Financial Times - Many researches are done
by Non-Profit Organization 4 Reasons
it is only a half - truth 2. Natural Advantages still ensures
sufficient rewards for innovation. Because
It is hard to copy new technology

except industries such as Pharmaceutical, chemicals, software and entertainment. Imitation Lag Reputational Advantage Head Start in
'Racing down learning curves' 3. Only if there is balance between
interests of Patentee and those of society,
Copyrights can be allowed. Bad Effects of Monopolies Costs on the rest of society
Net social loss
Duplication of research Increase of
long term
productivity 4. Blocking chances
for technologically backward countries
to get the knowledge of high-technology. They need technology to get economic development Background of copyrights Who controls the outflow
of core technology
wins the superiority The Leader of
new technology in 18C John Law 1671 -1729 Legendary Scottish Financier-Economist
France's finance minister
Financier : currency speculation, emerging banks and trading companies & selling them with high profit
Mississippi Bubble
Great gambler
Knew the importance of skilled workers 1719, Banned on
the migration of skilled workers
[ Suborning ] Productivity decided as to these people More complex
More Technologies Mid - 18C Early 18C 1750
Banned the export of Tool & Utensils
Wool & Silk
Industry 1785
Tools Acts
banned the exports of
Almost machinery Late 18C & 19C Disembodied
Knowledge Skilled Workers Machine Still during 18C

Vicious technological arms race happened

such as

Recruitment Schemes
Machine smuggling
Industrial espionage John Holker
(France 1828-1882) A former Manchester textil finisher

1750, appointed by Gov.

Running industrial spies
Poaching skilled workers Only with understanding of
Principles or Languages about machines

Anyone can reproduce same machines. Current 1825 Banning on skilled worker emigration

1842 Banning on Machinery Export ABOLISHED Late 18C PATENT System spread quickly France (1791) US (1793) Austria(1794) Late 19C Many Intellectual Property Laws
adopted by rich countries 1709 Britain 1862 Britain International Agreements
on IPRs Late 19C Imperfect
Patent System Foreigner's rights
were not protected
On purpose of benefit Chemical substances
patents patent of
light bulbs
of Edison Patenting
Imported invention invention
communicated to me
by a certain foreigner Counterfeiting Trademark Evasive Tatics Violating Copyright Until 1988 Did not
outside USA How to get a patent in Korea ? Words and Idoms of Ch 6.1 ‘The fuel of interest
to the fire of genius’ Incentive should be guaranteed
for creativity to keep going on

p.110 the stapline of chapter 6.1 p.111 ‘patent adds the fuel of interest to the fire of genius’ – Abraham Lincoln (1809~1865)
Compulsory Licensing forcing the patent holder to license it
to third parties – at a reasonable fee

(p.110) impose compulsory licensing
Parallel imports Imports of copy products from countries where the product is not patented

(p.110) allow parallel imports Words of Ch 6.2
Arms Race Originally :
a competition between two or more parties for the best armed forces.

Nowadays :
the term is commonly used to describe any competition where there is no absolute goal, only the relative goal
(p.115) The technological ’arms race’, between backward countries~
Wheeler dealer A person who does a lot of complicated deals in business or politics,
often in a dishonest way.

(Middle of p.116) John Law is today remembered mainly as the financial wheeler-dealer who created the Mississippi Bubble. Words of Ch 6.3 Annus mirabilis
Annus mirabilis is a Latin phrase meaning "wonderful year" or "year of wonders”

(p.119) The year 1905 is known as the annus mirabilis of modern physics.
Phony false rather than genuine

(p.120) to patent devices already in use (‘phony patents’) and then to demand money~ Gung ho very enthusiastic or eager to do

(near the bottom of p.121)
Despite its currently gung ho attitude
towards copyright~ Survey
Prior Art Get a code of
an applicant
for a patent Prepare
Patent Application Apply for patent
Pay for commission Patent
Publicization Judgement www.kipris.or.kr www.kipo.go.kr Korean Intellectual
Property Office Patent Specification
& Drawings Summary Patent
Application 18 months after application Registration Fee
Patent Guaranteed 2001 All patent Laws have special provisions

for when PUBLIC INTERESTs is Needed 1. Cancel patents
2. Impose compulsory licensing(reasonable fee)
3. Allow parallel imports(copy products without patent) Harvey Bale
insisted " Patent adds the fuel of interest to the fire of genius " by Lincoln Think
Futhermore ! # Quiz TRIP Agreement ? Trade Related Intellectual Property #awnswer 144652750434 - 3279 Internet
Available Reward - 2 Free movie tickets
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