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The Genie Wiley Case

No description

Kelsey Scheich

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Genie Wiley Case

The Genie Wiley Case
Who is Genie Wiley?
Genie Wiley was a normal little girl who grew up with exactly zero social interaction.
She had a brother (John Wiley), and her two parents (Irene and Clark Wiley).

Where did she live?
Genie lived in a small run down house in Arcadia, California.
They kept the house completely dark with no clothes, and no toys, and all of the blinds were kept closed.
13 Years
Genie's parents kept Genie in her room for thirteen years with no escape, leaving her strapped down with chicken wire to a children's potty chair.
Even though her mother was completely against it, her father Clark wouldn't let her out.
He had completely shut the entire world out after his mother died in a car accident by a hit and run car.
Genie was found and rescued when she was thirteen and a half years old.
She was wearing a diaper and she mumbled like an infant.
Even though she was thirteen and a half, she looked as if she was between six and seven years old.
A large research group came and examined the child while two psychologists did the rest.
According to a theory Genie would no longer be able to speak at her age, but she proved the theory wrong and she was soon able to speak.

Genie learned how to speak, but unfortunately she never learned to actually learn, her window of opportunity closed for learning before she had ever been found (brain above).
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