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10-17-14 Fall Concert Poster

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of 10-17-14 Fall Concert Poster

WCW Fall Choral Concert Oct 17th, 2014
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
1791 Marshall Road, Vacaville CA 95687
Vaca Pena
Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart; classical-sacred
Al Shlosha by Allan Naplan- 20th century Hebrew
I See the Light by Alan Menken - Disney
Concert Choir
A Red, Red Rose by James Mulholland; folk
Glee- No Air arr. Alan Billingsley 3 part; pop
Seize the Day arr. Roger Emerson 3 part; broadway
Women's Chorus
Yo Le Canto by Brunner; Spanish folksong
Carrickfergus by Paul Caldwell; lyrical Irish folksong
Sing Unto God by Handel; Baroque era
Sylvan Choir
Z. Randall Stroope's Lamentations of Jeremiah; 20th century
City Called Heaven arr. Poelinitz; Gospel
O Magnum Mysterium by Victoria; 16th century sacred
Sylvan Singers
My Bonnie Lass by Thomas Morley; 16th c. English Madrigal
Agnus Dei by Samuel Barber; 8 part 20th century a'cappella
Show Choir Number; TBD by Naomi Vergara
Good Vibrations by Matthew Prins; 60's classic pop
Firebird Finale by Stravinsky; romantic
The Tintinnabulists
TBD by Jeremy Kraemer
Afton Wood
7pm. $5 donations gladly accepted, free admission.
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