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The Siege of Masada

No description

Ryan O'Hare

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of The Siege of Masada

The Siege of Masada
By Ryan O'Hare
The Roman Response
Fall of Jerusalem
Sack of the Second Temple
Pacification of Iudaea
Jewish priest
Captured by Romans
Only know detailed account
Credible source?
The Jewish Defenders
Roughly 960 people
Many women and children
After fall of Jerusalem, more Sicarii came to Masada
The Roman Army
Legio X Fretensis
roughly 15,000 troops
Masada was besieged by Romans
Unknown number of Jews present
Josephus' motive for fabrication?
The Siege
Josephus Account
Archeological Evidence
The First Jewish Revolt
Masada the Fortress
The Roman Response
First Jewish Revolt
Reasons for revolt
Religious tension
Anti-tax protests
Masada the Fortress
Herod the Great
Sicarii Rebels
Josephus' Account
Archaeological Evidence
The Battle
Jews were besieged at Masada
roughly 13,000 Romans
wall of circumvallation, siege ramp, balistae stones etc.
What was found
What was not
No evidence to support mass suicide
No reliable way to determine number of Jewish defenders at Masada
Wall of circumvallation
Siege ramp
"Citadel of Death"
Mass suicide of all but 7 defenders
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