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Comparing a cell to the human body

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Nathan C

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Comparing a cell to the human body

Comparing a cell to the human body
Christian Miller
Nathan Chow
Period 3

The nucleus is like the brain because it is the control center of the cell. It even automatically does things for us like making you're heart pump.
Nucleus Membrane
The Nucleus Membrane is like the skull because it protects the cell just like the skull protects the brain. Also if we didn't have a skull are brain or nucleus would go bouncing everywhere
Smooth ER
The smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum also know as "smooth ER" is like the endocrine because they both citrate hormones A.K.A steroids into the body or cell.
The cytoskeleton would be like the human skeleton because it is the structure of the cell. Without a human skeleton we would not be able to obtain a single cell and you would feel like Jello, and we also wouldn't be able to stand up or walk.
Rough "ER"
A cell compare to a human body
The Nucleolus is like the thalamus because it is inside nucleus of the cell just like the thalamus is located inside he human brain.
The rough ER is like the blood vessels in the human body because it helps transport our proteins and nutrient to all over the human body or cell.
The Vacuole would be like the fat in every humans body. The reasoning for this is because the the fat stores the energy or food in the body which is just like the vacuole when it does the same for it's cell.
Golgi apparatus
The Golgi apparatus is like the human lung which filters the air and then transport it to the blood to carry off into other parts of the body. The Golgi apparatus packages and ships nutrient and other important goods off to other parts of the body
Lysomomes compared to a human body is like the human digestive system which breaks down food with digestive acids.
The lysosomes breaks down old cell parts.

Vesicle would be like the human liver which filters waste that is be harmful to are body. It is the same with the vesicle which carries or contains waste products.
The cell membrane is like a the human skin because it is the first defense in the body which protect the vital organs. Some examples would be when someone sneeze on your hand your skin protects your vital organs that our in your hand. The cell membrane is just the same but not only is it a defense to protect your organs it can also keep things vital to the cell or human body.
Cell Membrane

Compared to the human body, the ribosomes would be also like be part of the skull because just like the cell membrane it surrounds the nucleus in the cell. The ribosomes are are particles are of RNA and protein.
The Centrosome would be like the spinal cord. The Centrosome is an organelle close to the nucleus cell that contains the centrioles which is only found inside animal cells. They are alike because just like the Centrosome and the nucleus, the spinal cord is close to the brain.
The cytoplasm is like the blood in the human body because it flows around the human body it separating the cell membrane form the organs in our body .
Thanks for
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