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SCLY1 - Couples3

No description


on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of SCLY1 - Couples3

These are normally about finance, job changes or moving house.
These normally are the man’s decision and even if the woman had input, the man gave the final word Very Important Decision There is also inequality in decisions made.
There are three different types of decision that a family will make.
Very Important Decision
Important Decision
Less Important Decision Decision Making This is where both partners have equal access to the same money. In other words, a joint bank account.
This is on the rise so this would show a trend toward equality.
Pooling is also more common in families where both partners have an income. Pooling There have been ways that men have tried to keep control over the family income.
Allowance System Control over family income As seen in previous topics, there is an inequality at home.
There is also an in who gets what. Inequality at home AS Sociology Resources and Decision Making These would be like choice of house décor and food purchases.
Women usually got to choose these, but men could change it. Less Important Decisions These are about things like children's education and where to go on holiday.
These were a joint decision. There would normally be no dominant person in these decisions. Important Decisions This is where the man (typical breadwinner) would keep all the money and give the woman an allowance to spend on cleaning resources, children and occasionally herself
This is on the decline
When it was the most common method of managing money, FEMINISTS said that it proved their point. Allowance System Research has shown that in low income homes, women will skip meals and spend less money to make ends meet.
However, according to research, men don’t do the same. Inequality
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