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ideas to help artstor better serve its community

violet lucca

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of ARTstor

Crowdsourced Image Tagging Duplicates & Details and Associated Images Improvements Flashcards Online flashcard tool and mobile flashcard app for students mining the knowledge of the community to better serve it
catch alternate spellings specifics of image not listed in title Allow user to flag/cluster images that are either duplicates or similar Image Quality Ranking Non-Roman Alphabet Integration New searchable field for original title of work and artist Let instructors know which images are suitable for projection versus viewing on computer monitors only Search by Location Search by country of artist's origin OR country it was produced in or (photographically) represents Blog Integration Publish images directly to class blog with notes and proper citation with a single button (instructor privileges only) Link ARTstor profile with other online profiles (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Profile Improvements Publish search histories, folders, or image urls directly to tweets and status updates Geotagged Search Results Search results sortable based on ISP number Relevant Links Relevant multimedia from reliable (and properly licenced) sources such as PBS, UbuWeb, and Hulu Search Improvements Search Results for Sites/Architecture "Curated" search results that cluster images in a way that guides the user through the site Allow extra fields for relevant social networking sites (Nings) or blogrolls that are discipline-related For students Create "assignment field" or "assignment keywords" that allow students to be cognizant of requirements as they search
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