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Capturing Kids' Hearts-PBIS

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Shannon Mancil

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Capturing Kids' Hearts-PBIS

Capturing Kids' Hearts - PBIS
Capturing Kids' Hearts-intentional, relational, transformational

Capturing Kids' Hearts is an intentional, common sense approach to building positive relationships/relational capacity with each other and with students.

"In working with today's young people, we must realize that the influences on their lives are much different from those in past years. The rate of change and the things kids are exposed to today are significantly different from previous generations. the resulting struggles bear testimony to the difficulty they are having with those changes."
Flip Flippen
Social Anxiety Theory-Behind most inappropriate behavior there is fear and anxiety. One of the things we can do to reduce anxiety in the classroom is to establish an agreed upon social contract with each of your classes. This social contract does NOT replace your classroom rules or procedures, but is an added layer of positive support!

Independently, without talking or conferring with others, read through these questions and write your honest answers down.

When directed to do so, discuss your answers with your table group. Choose a spokesperson from your table and come up with 2 answers from each question to share. For example, question one says, "How do you want to be treated by your leaders?" Be ready to share two responses to that question from your group. Continue doing the same thing with questions 2-4.

As we talk about the answers to these questions,
we will list them on chart paper, after which, each
of us will sign our name to the contract.

You will follow this same model with each class
and post the signed contracts in your classroom as
a visual reminder of the agreed upon behaviors.
Social Contract-Get it in writing!

Social Contract
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