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Creating our IEP

No description

Samantha Hind

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Creating our IEP

Creating our IEP
Sam, Paris, Aaron, Sam, Caitlin, Sarah
Background Information
Teaching Strategies
Student information
Paula’s year two teacher has recently noticed Paula’s eye sight deteriorating. Paula is a good reader, and enjoys talking about books and being involved in drama activities at school. Her reading in recent weeks has become a challenge and Paula has been raising her concerns to her teacher after class. Paula has been complaining at school that she can’t see the whiteboard, and has found it difficult playing ball games in HPE.

Paula’s Diagnosis
Paula’s parents have noticed their daughter having difficulties navigating around home and finds that she is always bumping into things. Paula’s parents recently took Paula to the Optometrist and it was found that she has low vision impairment. At a recent visit to the hospital, the Optometrist has suggested Paula has a mild case of degenerative Myopia in both of her eyes. The Optometrist has provided Paula’s teacher and parents with an eye report, and has asked that they keep observing her eyesight, and that she is brought in for regular checkups. Paula has been given glasses to wear all the time at school and home.

IEP Implementation
This IEP has been written as a first step, in the process of addressing Paula’s needs at school. This IEP will be trialed for the term, and several discussions and meetings will be held to discuss Paula’s progress. These will be recorded and appropriate adjustments will be made to adjust the effectiveness of this IEP.

Strengths and Needs
Short and Long Term
Support Organisations
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