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I love sentences!

Writing Strategies 4, review + sentence types

Erica Sponberg

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of I love sentences!

Clauses and conjunctions I love sentences! 1 subject

1 verb

Complete thought

"stands alone" Independent clause Not a complete thought - something is missing....

Cannot stand alone - incomplete sentence

DEPENDS on an independent clause

Uses a SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTION to introduce a dependent clause simple sentence

compound sentence

complex sentence Sentence types pg.89 - 90 from Writer's at Work: The Short Composition Example
She plays the cello

They are going to Parco to listen to live music.

Recently, I go to Hondori as often as I can. Dependent clauses Subordinating Conjunctions examples:
before, after, when while, as soon as, just as until, whenever
although, even though, though
if, unless
Cause / Effect:
because, since Example dependent clauses:
As often as I can
If I go shopping in the stores to buy something
When I shop on the internet
Unless miki goes
Even though I don't like writing

How can we complete these sentences? Practice 9 pg. 89 Independent or dependent? Simple sentence one independent clause Example: I ran toward him. Compound sentence 2 independent clauses
comma (usually)
coordinating conjuction : and, so, but Example:
I yelled, and he turned toward me.
I still didn't understand the homework, so I asked some questions
I apologized, but I still felt embarrassed. Complex sentences 1 independent clause, 1 or more dependent clause

dependent clause 1st = use comma
independent clause 1st = no comma needed Example
Even though I didn't go to karaoke, I still had a fun Saturday.
It was my mistake because I didn't read the instructions.
When I remember summer vacation, I always think about the ocean.
I will definitely talk to him if I see him again. 1. Make a group of 3 or 4
2. Share your stories
3. Cut out the best parts
4. Past them on a new piece of paper
5. Share you new story with another group Cut it up! What did you use? Transition Signals!! Let's smooth them out...
turn to page 99
Chapter 5, sample 3
Composition B, pg105 What do readers remember most? (hint...logical order)

As your papers become more complex....so will your conclusions...
Summarize your main points
restate your main idea Conclusions •pg 102 Practice 6
complete composition
specific details to support points
Change the transition signals
Use variety of sentence types
detailed conclusion

pg90, Practice 10
Edit sentences
Make compound or complex sentences
add coordinating / subordinating conjunction if needed
change punctuation or capitalization if needed Homework:
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