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How to guide for traveling foreign countries

Andrew Bestram

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Traveling

Planning a trip to a foreign country?
There is a lot to plan and it maybe overwhelming, but follow these steps to guide you on your way
Once you have decided on your destination, here are some things to plan out before you leave for your vacation
The fastest way to travel overseas is by plane - be sure to purchase your ticket in advance
Once you arrive, how will you travel?
Don't forget to follow all TSA and airline regulations
What is your budget?
Don't forget to check out the currency exchange rate - you might find that you need to budget more
Learn how much your bank will charge you to withdraw money from a foreign ATM
Attractions + Accommodations + Food = ?
What attractions are you going to see?
Prior interests
Look in travel books & online websites
Learn about their culture
Do they speak a foriegn language?
-If so, keep a small dictionary handy or learn the important phrases - ¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño?
Are you traveling during any holidays?
While you are there, where will you sleep?
If by car, don't forget to map it out ahead of time
Tour guides - Rick Steves - you can rent his videos
Don't forget that you may need to book some of your attractions ahead of time
It may be more expensive or attractions may be closed
Where ever you travel, just always remember to kickback, relax and have some fun!
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