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Topic Five: Why and how unions are organised

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Eliza Poa

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Topic Five: Why and how unions are organised

Topic Five: Why and how unions are organized
The Trade Unions Act defines a trade union as any association of workmen or employers, whose principal objective is to regulate relations between workers and employers for the following purposes:

Promote good industrial relations between workers and employers;
Improve working conditions of workers or enhance their economic and social status; or
To achieve the raising of productivity for the benefit of workers, employers and the economy of Singapore.

Prepare a "do" and "don't" list for supervisors involved in unionization campaigns so they will not commit any unfair labor practices
Presented by:
Blake Xiang Yi Qi
Eliza Poa Jie Ying
Liu Ru'An Marianne
Marc Ng Jia Wen
Renuka D/O A Maheswaran
Do not ask employees if they belong to a union or have signed a union authorization card. (Article 14b – all citizens of Singapore have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms)
Do not threaten employees that support unions. (IRA Section 79)
Do not discipline (IRA Section 80) or discriminate (IRA Section 82) employees that support unions.
Do not spy or encourage others to spy on union meets and supporters.
Do not promise employees better wages or benefits that would affect their decision to support unions.

Inform employees (exclude independent worker) that they have the rights to choose whether to join a union or not. (Article 14 - Freedom to join unions)
Inform employees that the management is always open to communication and discussions, and that they do not need to pay a union representative to do it for them.
Encourage employees to look at all the facts (pros and cons) about unionization and then make an informed decision for themselves.
Provide employees with only the FACTS (e.g. purpose and roles) of unions.
Advise employees to approach the unions directly if they have any questions or doubts.

Unfair Labor Practices
Employer and union actions that breached the
Singapore Employment Act
Industrial Relations Act
are deemed as unfair Labor Practices

Contents Page
Unfair Labor Practices
Roles of Supervisor
Common FAQ on Trade Unions
Do's & Don'ts
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Roles of Supervisors
Responsible of organizing the department
Act as a middleman between top management and employees
Anticipate and guide employee’s actions
Mentor employees
Revise employee’s needs
Set performance standards
Ensure that employees follow policies, confidentiality and procedure of the organization.
Familiarize with the law to prevent unfair labor practices

Thank You
for your Kind Attention!
Employee and Labor Relations. (n.d.). Union Organizing on UCD Campus Leadership Do's and Don'ts. Retrieved March 5, 2014, from http://www.hr.ucdavis.edu/supervisor/Lr/collectivebargaining/Union_Org/UCLeadership%20dos%20and%20donts.pdf

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VLASA, B. (2010). Roles, Responsabilities and Situations faced by Supervisor.
Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education / Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala
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Common FAQ on Trade Unions
Question: What is the minimum age for a trade union member?
A person needs to be above 16 years under the law to be a member of a registered trade union unless the union's rule states a higher entry age.

Question: Can part-time employees join trade unions?
Yes, part-time employees are eligible to join trade unions.

Question: Can government officers and employees join unions?
All government officers and employees except uniformed personnel can join the union. They have been exempted under the Trade Unions (Government Officers Exemption) Amendment Notification 1999, from the prohibition stated in the Trade Unions Act to join a trade union.

Common FAQ on Trade Unions
Can a union represent the temporary/ contract staff of a company?
Yes, a union can represent the temporary/ contract staff of a company, as long as the collective agreement does not impose any restrictions for these staff joining the union.

How can I enquire on matters pertaining to the trade union I am in?
An up-to-date copy of the Union Rules should be available at your Union Office for members to refer to. Alternatively, you can call up your Union Office to enquire on matters pertaining to the trade union.

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