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A Year in Multiage

No description

Katie Blair

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of A Year in Multiage

A Year in Multiage
Cohesive group of 1st and 2nd graders. Built strong community.
-Opportunity on 1st/2nd grade theatre field trip and will have 2 upcoming field trips with 2nd grade.
-Lunches/recesses together
-Jumprope for heart with Gr. 1
-Math Games at end of year
Both grades/ages take on roles of leadership.
Academics are differentiated as in any classroom- Centers, small group work are effective.
Starting with 2nd grade themes has worked well. Will be focused on 1st grade themes next year.
Each child held to expectations as developmentally appropriate.
ALL students have made HUGE gains academically and socially.

This year we are following the 2nd grade “themes” although they are not grade level specific.
Some of these include Pets, China,Bats, Geology/Rocks & Minerals,
Balance and Motion, Fairytales/folktales, Oceans/Rocky Shore

We explore these concepts through literacy & hands on experiences.

Through these experiences children learn how to think critically, ask questions, wonder and participate in meaningful discussions based on their understandings.
As an SAU we are following the Everyday Math scope and sequence to integrate the Common Core Math Standards, but we are not limited to those materials.
Workstations have helped to manage the standards and provide students with ongoing practice.
We provide opportunities to problem solve each day.
Skills are taught in active, interesting ways and practiced and mastered in smaller measurable chunks.
Common threads among 1/2 grade.
To learn about each child's prior knowledge and needs in each domain, we complete a pre-assessment prior to beginning each trimester. This gives us valuable information to help focus our units and provide enriching experiences for each individual.
Strong foundation is essential in Grade 1. Big believe of taking concepts deeper as ready and being able to apply knowledge in a variety of different contexts.
Meet and greet
Open House
Curriculum flip booklets focused on each grade level & materials about development, common core, ways to help at home etc.
Benchmarks in each report card with academic expectations for grade level.
Blog http://2bhappenings.blogspot.com
Brightloop Learning- Online communication tool with parents
Literacy- Reading
During workshop reading is differentiated through the CAFE format.
we focus on areas of
omprehension (Understanding),
ccuracy (decoding new words),
luency (reading smoothly with expression) and
xpanding Vocabulary (identifying and understanding unfamiliar words). Each child will be working on independent goals.
Literacy: Writing
We follow the Lucy Calkins units of study for writing. The units spiral through the grade level and similar concepts are touched upon at each grade level. Personal Narrative, Opinion Writing, Realistic Fiction, Information writing.
We write across themes and content areas as well.
We also work on the writing process: Planning, Writing, Revising, Editing, and will focus more on clean, published pieces by the end of the year.
13/16 families responded
Challenged by work
Social interactions were excellent
Good Class size
All potentials mentioned are seen
Communication level strong and important.
Increased Independence
Less adjusting next year
Wider range of friendships formed with kids and families
Liked range of academics provided

Would like to see differences between 1st/2nd outlined.

Was unsure if 2nd grader was given same curriculum as other classroom.

Would like meet and greet with teachers and families.

How will a child from multiage "match up" in non-multi-setting.
Would like to see more interaction between classes.
Unsure if 2nd graders were doing same curriculum as other 2nd grade.
Would like to see differences between 1st v. 2nd grade curriculum.
How will multiage student transition into next grade ie. 3rd grade?
Classroom Community
Setting foundation early on and building throughout the year through modeling and practicing expectations.
Responsive Classroom Model
Open Circle
Logical consequences- If something is "broken we have to fix it"
Learning how to solve conflicts
Positive mindsets and thinking- seeing frustrations as learning opportunities and conflicts important in learning communication and problem solving.
Understanding self as a learner.
Key to setting a foundation for learning
Twice a week we participate in the Daily 5 structure
This focuses on independent reading, partner reading, working on writing, word work and listening to reading.
Utilizing Words Their Way
Spelling inventory given to assess needs.
1st/2nd grade level sight words to build fluency.
1st graders introduced to 5 sight words per week. No assessment until spring.
2nd Graders choose own spelling words mix of pattern words, sight words and words from their writing. Assessed on Friday.
Word sorts
Phonics Dance- Teach patterns: oo,ee,ea,wh, igh etc.
1st grade- Emphasis on long short vowels,CVC words (cat, pet etc.) Word families
2nd grade- Review of above and expand with digraphs: ch,th etc. blends (bl,tr)
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