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Sonja Rojina

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Chanhassen

Police and Fire Department
Chief is Jim Olson
Carver county sheriff department
Fire chief is John Wolff
Have their own local fire department.

City council or ward system?
“Chanhassen” is means “the tree with sweet sap” or sugar maple tree in Sioux Indian language. The City now has a population of 23, 840 based on 2012 census data.
The city of Chanhassen has a public works department that provides water to the majority of residents and businesses in the City.Some areas of the city are still rural and not served by city water. These areas use private wells to get their water. Chanhassen Public Works is located at 7000 Park Place, Chanhassen, MN 55317.
Who is the Mayor?
The mayor of Chanhassen is Tom Furlong. The mayor’s term is four years. Tom has been the mayor since 2003. He has served as mayor for about ten years and ten months.
Chanhassen has a city council. People have to be elected to get on Chanhassen’s city council. The city council has a four year term. It consists of five members. Tom Furlong is one of these five. He has been a part of the city council since 2003. Another member of the city council is Bethany Tjornhom. She has held office since 2004. Another member is Vicki Ernst. She has held office since 2007. Another council member is Jerry McDonald. He was appointed to be a part of the city council, in 2007, to fulfill an existing vacancy. Then in 2008 he was elected to the city council. Another city council member is Denny Laufenburger. He was elected in 2010 and started in January 2011.

In Chanhassen each resident or business is responsible for contracting with a private waste hauler. There are several options including Waste Management, Allied Waste and Vintage Waste.
Gas is provided by Center Point Energy, which supplies gas to several different states in the US. Their local address is 800 LaSalle Avenue. P.O. Box 59038 Minneapolis, MN 55459. Electric service is provided by Excel Energy, located at 414 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN
MN Elected members of the HOR and the Senate
House of representatives:
Timothy Walz
John Kline
Erik Paulsen
Betty McCollum
Keith Ellison,
Michelle Bachmann
Colin Peterson
Rick Nolan
Al Franken
Amy Klobuchar.
Governor and his Cabinet
Governor: Mark Dayton (4 years)
Lt. Governor: Prettner Solon (4 years)
Attorney General: Lori Swanson (4 years)
Secratary of State: Mark Ritchie (4 years)
State Auditor: Rebecca Otto (4-years ending in 2 and 6. 2-years ending in 0)
Head of DNR: Tom Landwehr (governor appointed)
Majority and Minority Leaders, Representatives and Senators of MN
Majority Leader: Erin Murphy
Minority Leader: Kurt Daudt
Representative of MN: Michelle Bachman
Served since 2007
4 year term
Senator of MN: Amy Klobuchar
Served since 2007
4 year term
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