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OL and L and D

No description

Katy Lloyd

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of OL and L and D

Our Iwi is NZ Post
Our Hapu is
Human Resources
We are OD and L & D
Everything we do,
we do to help you
meet The Plan
Our Whanau is
Development and
Learning & Development
And that's everyone in the NZ Post Iwi
Particularly these bits
We are working to understand our business - so the business understands the people that make it up now - and the people we'll need for our future.
154 of our 157 Tier 3 and 4 leaders
Our leader has become a different person in the 4 months they've been on Activate
Spending two days pushing and learning about myself with seven other leaders from across the business has really helped connect me to the NZ Post Iwi
The Numbers so far....
12 Front Runners
94 Activators
63 Leader and HR support at
one-up sessions
The Numbers
Engagement Survey
For Post to get to 2015 and beyond, we will support the business by .....
Helping teams understand the role they play in making Post a great place to work
Values and Culture
Values Groups
The Way We Work Team
HEROES cards
leaders deliver
Change brings transition from old to new. To support our leaders and people move through the changes that'll deliver The Plan, our Transition Initiatives are.....
Oversight of change activities across the Group so we have one picture of change
Our people feel that NZ Post is doing all it can to support them through change
Providing support and resources to leaders to support themselves and their people through change.
Provide our people with information to help them make decisions through change
Recognising our people for
living our values
Six weeks
All GLT members
17 regions
135 different venues
Over 6,000 members of the Post Iwi attended
5 weeks
11 workshops
All GLT members
730 leaders going back to tell their people
Connecting everyone with what's happening across the Post Iwi
Embedding values and
building culture
Helping people move
through change
Helping leaders understand the capability they have in their teams and across the business
Enabling people to manage
their own performance
Understanding engagement and the impact that has on business
Connecting people to the NZ Post Iwi
What behaviors will help me and NZ Post be successful?
What am I aiming to do?
What's on offer to build
capability in our people?
Build sustainable integrated customer networks
Deliver operational excellence
Sustainably diversify revenue
Objectives are linked
to Strategic Themes
How do I develop the
skills I need to be successful?
mydevelopment plan
Strategic workforce
Let's look at some of
these in more detail
Culture Plan
Welcoming people
to the Post Iwi
Helping induction -my first three months @ Post Development Plan
Helping our specialists work
more collaboratively
We've got a few options!
The Numbers so far....
32 Motivators
Leadership Development Centres
Helping build the culture
that our people want for Post
Culture Communities
GLT on tour
We are OD and L & D - everything we do, we do to help you and NZ Post meet The Plan
For more information

Through doing Motivate I'm at least
twice as effective, I'm spotting more
opportunities and working on them.
I'm also more effective at helping my
team improve their engagement with
NZ Post.
The team was disengaged and
not performing as expected;
this has turned around and
this Post Shop is now key to the
region achieving its targets
Stronger collaboration with
other teams within Post. More confidence in having both
tactical and strategic
conversations with clients.

Team operating more and more
tightly. Team members looking
more and more to their leader
for direction and guidance
Providing leaders with a pathway for their development
Leaders as Coaches
Build organisational capability
your leader and your HR support will help put you on the right path
How are we going with our values?
The LDC helped me to see the type of
on-the-job experience I needed to build my career. So with my manager we found the right development opportunity for me within three months
80 people
The Numbers so far...
Inviting nominations March/April 2013
Learning from
our BrightSpots'
Top Tips
Just in time change management
Leading Change workshops
'Your Future' Booklets
Referral to recruitment and government support agencies
Change workshops
Budgeting and retirement workshops
Outplacement support
The Numbers so far...
63 people
Under Development
Get the right people
on your team
Reinforce the
Have Fun
Manage poor performers
Actually care about the
people in your team
Own it
It was great for me to meet with other
specialists in the business and find
that we're not as isolated as I
thought. The tools are really helpful
in my day to day work.
Working in conjunction with
Development at Post is based on 70:20:10
This is the 10%
The 20% (learning from other people) and 70% (learning on-the-job) is up to you
Quarterly Values Survey
Thanks for watching!
This one's the
most important
your leader and your HR contact will help put you on the right path
To help these bits
Connecting people even before they start
Under development
We are the Organisational Development and Learning & Development teams.
Insert amazing colourful team pic here
I have noticed....
We really care about making sure Post has a great culture, helping our people move through change and building capability across our business to meet The Plan
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