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By: Vicky- A Wrinkle in Time

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of By: Vicky- A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time
Madeleine L'engle
1.) Frenzied- Very
excited or upset.
2.) Lashing- To get whipped with a belt.
3.) Tossing- To throw or send from one to another.
4.) Frantically-Desperate or wild with excitement.
5.) Smugly- Highly satisfied with oneself.
6.) Vicious- Likely to do evil. or showing hateful feelings.
7.) Luxuriously- Fond of luxury.
8.) Tingling- To feel or cause a princkling or thrilling sensation.
9.) Preleminaries- Something preleminary or before something .
10.) Prodigious- exciment amazment or wonder.
11.) Demanded- to ask for with proper authority clame as right.
12.) Raidance- Brightness or light.
13.)Bruised- To get injured by stricking or pression.
14.) Peturbed- To disturb.
15.) Metamorphose- To change the form.
16.)Merged- To cause to combine.
17.) Pudding Bag- A plastic bag to put food.
18.) Lengthend-To make longer.
19.)Resembling To be like pr smilar to.
20.) Lord- A person that has authority control or power over others.
21.) Flounced- To go with impacient .
22.) Inexcusably- Incapable of being excused.
23.) Dutifully- Performing the duties expected or required.
24.) Dope- Any thick liquid.
25.) Sharply- Having a thin cutting edge.
26.) Bacteriology- A branch of microbiology.
27.) Tractable- Easy managed or control.
28.) Saucer- a small round shallow diish to hold cup
29.) Sagely- A small round shallow dish to hold cup.
30.) Omnipotent- almightly or infinite in power.

Meg was the main character of the book because she is in every chapter.
Character good or bad?

Meg was a good characyter because she helped find her dad.
It takes time in many time places.
The plot of the is to find things like her dad.
The climax is when meg
This book is a sci-fi because it is a bout diffrent life time.
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