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IP3 Presentation - Tapping on Latent Energy

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Min Chon Leow

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of IP3 Presentation - Tapping on Latent Energy

Tapping on Latent Energy
Project Selection
Tapping on Latent Energy
Vacuum Air Purifier
Air Purifier

Vacuum Cleaner
Automated Window Cleaner

Dangerous Job
Face Recognition System

By using Kinect’s Camera Technology. Apply the concept inside the car by detecting just the face portion.

System includes:

Multiple camera’s
Vibration of seatbelts
Assist in tapping breaks

Project Selection
Summary Of IP2
Done By:
Leow Min Chon
Gary Teo
Claire See
Boo Ying Xuan

Gantt Chart
IP2 Gantt Chart
IP3 Gantt Chart
YEC Gantt Chart
Target: Finish the Requirements listed in the Gantt Charts by the end of the project.

Fish Bone Diagram
General Patent Analysis

Patent Analysis

Virtual Prototyping
Work Done in IP3
Other Work Done

Virtual Prototyping

Prototype Testing (Voltage Regulation)

Sharing on social media to create awareness.

Creating a website.
Youth Entrepreneurship Experiences
Visual Aspects
- To attract customers to booth/stall.

Sales Talk
- Ability to build customer interest towards the product.

- Pricing of the product will greatly affect the demand of product.

Booth Design
Sales Pitch
Competitive Pricing

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine

Materials Selection
Modular Wind Turbine

Current Situation
There is currently no product or system in the market that combines two or more sources of energy together.

Impact of Project

Product Tree & Part Listing

Concept Generation and Selection
Importance of finding the right glass
An integral and important element of solar modules, used to convert solar energy into electricity.

Cheap glass can cloud over time. Clouded glass greatly reduces solar panel efficiency.

Broken glass, aside from being a general safety issue and even if the glass only cracks, can allow water to penetrate and create a fire hazard – water and electricity simply do not mix.

The main reason to choose over Low Iron Glass compared to normal Glass is that the removal of Iron Oxide enhanced the clarity of the glass which leads to higher transparency for better light transmittance.

Low Iron Glass
Annealed Glass
Gearless Wind Turbine

Prototyping Testing (Gears)
Material: Paulownia
Diameter: 6mm
Length: 20cm
Material: ABS
Hole Diameter: 8mm
Module: 0.8M
No. of Teeth: 24 (Gear)
12 (Pinion)

Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Material: Stainless Steel
Hole Diameter: 6mm

Parts Procurement
Prototype Calculations
Shaft Calculations
Wind Water Hybrid Turbine
Use as a System
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