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No description

Cameron Carcasson

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of Gamify

Bringing your life into a game to make everyday responsibilities and chores fun at school and home
Have you ever...
Complained about homework or chores?
Tried a planner that didn't work for you?
Constantly turn in your homework late, or forget to to take your medication?
If you said yes to any of these, this is for you!
Parent Code
This is the main part of the game.
It is an interactive planner that gives you XP for completing every day tasks. You set the goals yourself, including the time and dates.

The locker is the incentive part of this game. It makes you have an alternate reason to complete your planner tasks. When you gain XP, you can upgrade your locker with stuff such as pictures, magnets, and colors.
This directly relates to the locker. In the locker, there will be a mirror you can unlock and upgrade. In this mirror, you can see your avatar's face. You can set the basic features (Gender, Skin color, eye shape) Later, you can upgrade as with the locker.
Stress-less game
On the website, there is a mini-game for mindless fun. This is to relieve stress. Also, when you enter the game, you have to enter your school hours, so you can't play it until after school.
You get XP by completing different tasks. When you enter the planner, a weekly set is spread before you. You enter the time and dates of the different tasks you want to do. The recommendation is 5 points per day, but it is up to a parent.
Incentives are a 'prize' of sorts. They give a reason to complete the planner. That is the downfall for normal planners. People forget or make up excuses for why not to do the planner. This is why our game is named 'Gamify'
A basic list of locker upgrades are:
School Supplies
The mirror Upgrades. Each two levels you move up, You get a new design of mirror.
XP grows in levels, and helps you unlock things.
You can also upgrade your avatar's face with accessories such as glasses, hats, hair shape and color, makeup and eye color.
This is achieved by providing a break.
After two consecutive days of playing, you get awarded with the smart phone object. In the game you dodge multiplying meteors.
If you happen to complete a chore, or if your parents deem that you are on task and are being good, then using the parent code will give you a settable amount of XP.
The code is a locker combination style code to set amounts of XP for each task. Parents should not share with there kid or the kid can cheat, which defeats the purpose.
The XP bar is shown by a water bottle in the locker. when it fills, then you move up a level. Each time you level up, the water bottle volume "gets larger," so it gets harder to level up.
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