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The history of the Macbook

Shadowshades Cheng

on 4 November 2010

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Transcript of Macbook

Macbook The Company Founded In: Apple 1976 April 1st Founded By: Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
Ronald Wayne California, USA HISTORY The Original Mac Made on 24th January
1984. Full Name: Macintosh Prezi by:
Bona Wang
Hailey Quiazon
Margaret Cheng
Adam Dodson Time Line Built with eminence technology PC VS Mac Extremely fast boot up High quality software Neat and easy to find and use system settings Doesn't load the system up
with other programs File sharing is much easier Connects to the internet
fast and easy Organize your photos by who, where, and when Editing fast precisely Turn the Mac into an instument Premiere your movie with a click Sharing photos with the world
in print and online Chat with multiplicity Long lasting Battery Protects important info Recyclability Websites apple.com apcmag.com wikipedia.org google.com wiki.answers.com We think that the Mac is the best invention because of all its abilities are more convenient and useful than other types of computers in function and other things. Thank you for Watching
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