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Early American Colonies

Based on map of early US Colonies, Jamestown, Roanoke, Plymouth

Neil Talbott

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Early American Colonies

Early American Colonies
What happened at Roanoke?
Went somewhere else
Reasons for failure
Terrible Drought
War With Spain
died at sea
integrated with native americans
established a colony at a nearby island
Killed each other
Killed by
Never resupplied
Jamestown colony
Established in 1607
First successful English Colony
Saved by Tobacco
How could Tobacco save them?
First Democracy in America
First Slaves
Spain is Super Rich
Why are they rich
Don't like England
England is Spain's Rival
Trade Rivalry
Spanish Armada
130 huge loaded down ships
Designed to conquer England
Bring back catholic faith
Should have won

Pilgrims landed here
Journey had a religious purpose
helped by Native Americans
came for religious freedom
Motivations for Spain
Spain is first to colonize
Ponce de Leon arrives in Florida in 1513
St. Augustine is founded in 1565
first permanent European settlement
More successful colonizing the southwest than Florida
Black Legend

Spanish Colonization of America
Colony: an area under the full or partial political control of another country, and occupied by settlers from that country.
English Colonies
Concentrated on the Atlantic Coast north of Florida
Had to get a royal "charter" from the king/queen
permission to set up a colony
Why would the English government want colonies?
Why people came to Jamestown:
Wanted to make money
Brought tools for mining not farming
Saved by Captain John Smith and Native Americans
20% survival rate for colonists in New World
South turns to cash-crop farming
Effects of Cash Crop Farming
English colonies in South can make money
Slavery and Indentured Servants
3/4 of those that come to Virginia are slaves
Class of wealthy landowners above all others
South never develops an infrastructure

Life in Southern Colonies
Cash Crop Farming
South Carolina and Georgia grew Rice
Tobacco, and later cotton was the main cash-crop for the rest of the south
Huge gap between Rich and Poor
No public Schools
Slaves and Indentured Servants provided labor

Most white southerners were "backcountry" farmers
Owned enough land to survive
Owned few if any slaves
Have less power than rich plantation owners
Other half of the Southern Colonies
Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island
Most people came to New England for Religious Freedom
Left England
New England Colonies
2 main groups of settlers in New England
Puritans and Separatists
Coming for religious reasons
From England
Unhappy with the Anglican Church
Want to leave (separate) from the Anglican Church
Come First and create the Plymouth colony
Smaller Group
Puritans want to purify the Anglican Church
Come 2nd and establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Larger Group
Came to America in 1620 on the Mayflower
Set up the Plymouth Colony
document signed by leading men of the colony
Set the rules of the colony
Early attempt at self-government in English colonies
Why are they called Pilgrims?
Journey had a religious purpose
Mayflower Compact
Life in New England
Subsistence Farming
small farms where families grow enough for themselves
Rocky Soil
No cash crops
Few Slaves
Fishing, Shipping, and Trading were major industries
Hub of Shipping trade in America
Public Education: Why?
New England Economy
Trade in the Colonies
effects of Mercantilism
Triangular Trade
Differences between North and South
More Money=More Power
Economic Theory that a nation's power depends on expanding trade
Effects of Mercantilism
European Colonization of Americas, Asia and Africa
Global Trade
Come to America
Believe in Democracy
Conflict with Natives
Jamestown Colonists
New England Colonists
Settled in more southern areas
Came to make money
Cash Crop Farming
Many planned to return to England
More loyal to England
Areas they settled was more northern/New England area
Came for religious freedom
Subsistence farming
Did not plane to ever return to England
Set up a great new world in the New World
Triangular Trade
Exchange of goods between Africa, Europe, and the Americas
Slaves from Africa will provide labor needed to gather raw materials
Raw materials will be manufactured in Europe, and exported to Africa and the Americas
Africa also provide gold and pepper
Middle Passage
Journey slaves were forced to take from Africa to America
10-12 million would make this journey (1500-1880)
15% would die during the trip
On your own piece of paper
Explain Triangular Trade
What is Africa's main export to America?
What do the Europeans trade for slaves?
Why do you think Europeans used Africans for slaves?
Underwater sculpture in Grenada memorializing those that jumped or were forced overboard on Middle Passage
First English colony
Spanish Armada forced a delay
Failed mysteriously
Land will be called Virginia in honor of Queen Elizabeth
Roanoke Island
Why Africans?
European Racism
The system of slavery was already established in Africa.
Europeans were more successful enslaving Africans than Native Americans. Why?
Native Americans could escape and blend in easier
Africans were immune to European diseases
Enslaving Native Americans could lead to war

Every kid needed to be able to read the Bible
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