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CBL Workshop

No description

Lynette Peine

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of CBL Workshop

Finding local solutions to "real-world" problems Challenge Based Learning Introduction Stage 1 Stage 3 From Big Idea to Challenge Identifying a Solution Stage 2 What is it? The Process Setting the Foundation for the Solution Stage 4 Implementation and Evaluation Stage 5 Publishing Results and Reflections Essential Question The Challenge Link between our lives and big idea Essential question into a call to action Big Idea Global issue that is made local Climate change
Health and wellness
Sustainability Not too broad but also multiple solutions

Climate change - Reduce school's (or family's) use of fossil fuels

Sustainability – Reduce school's (or family's) use of water Climate change – What is the impact of my use of fossil fuels affect the community?

Sustainability – How does my personal water consumption affect other people’s lives? Guiding Activities Guiding Resources Guiding Questions Identify the knowledge needed for the solution Answers the guiding questions Connects questions to activities The Challenge:
How do we reduce water usage in the home?

How much water do we use at home?
Where do we waste water? Surveys
Collect data
Expert interviews Point students in right direction

Experts •After researching possible solutions,
select a single solution

•Example - Ablutions, shower,
car wash, water bottles Implement solutions and measure outcomes

Decide what will measure and collect data
Example - Shower group did survey on showers for data.
Result - Raised awareness and suggested low flow shower heads. Create a learning “product” - audio, video, CBB (book), websites, etc.
Produce their work, supporting documents and reflections Examples & Recommendations Recommendations

•Administer a timeline for students & teachers
•Give students sufficient time for each stage
•Scaffold according to ability of language & critical thinking skills
•Utilize apps & technology - iMovie, CBB, Survey Monkey, Keynote, Camera, Box,
•Design rubrics & assessments from the start
•Document the process (CBB)
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