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"Pitch an Innovative Business Proposal for Investors"

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vanessa burke

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of "Pitch an Innovative Business Proposal for Investors"

1. Program benefiting adults and children who are disabled.

2. Partner with school

3. Seasonal/yearly passes available for locals with and discount.
1. Creation of Jobs
2. Increase in Hospitality/Customer Service
3. Create Revenue for the Country
4. Boost Tourist
Investigate Gaps in Tourism
Wet Park: Tidal Wave
How Aquatic Adventure will promote Sustainable Tourism:
Why Sustainable Tourism?
Sustainable Tourism refers to little or no damage to the economy, environment and culture in the location where tourism development takes place.

One of the main aims of sustainable tourism is to insure that the development is positive for locals, tourism companies and tourist themselves.
1. Aquarium
2. Power Point Presentations (Protect the Reef, Wildlife, etc)
3. Solar Panels
4. Disposal of waste?
1. Caymanian and International menu
2. Caymanian and International music
3. Cultural Evening
4. Display of important people and significant events to Cayman
LOCATION? Bodden Town
Justification of Location
Financing & Spending
$1,064,000 532 acres
Water Park
Total Amount Needed
including everything except for solar panels and "School for Fish" , Aquatic Adventure would need 15,106,400 dollars to construct.
Target Market
Aquatic Adventure will appeal to both Locals and Tourist and also different types of markets.
Water Sprout
Of f the Wall
Lazy Day Canal
The Drop off
Accommodation: H2O Lodge
Tribal Waters (Club)
Aqua Cave (Arcade)
Treasure Chest (souvenir store)
Fish Bait (Snack Shack)
By: Vanessa Burke
This much land would be needed to accommodate the entire facility.
Giving Back to the Community
Hotel Accommodation
80 Rooms - $4,500,000.00 million
This would be needed to develop the hotel
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